FAN - (noun) a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing. Synonyms: Enthusiast, devotee, admirer, lover, supporter, follower

Inspire all spectators to show enthusiastic support of the performing athletes at competitions!

On behalf of the athletes who love the support that an encouraging crowd provides, it’s time to put down the cameras, tablets and phones and embrace the opportunity to wholeheartedly participate as a fan!

How to Be A FAN

Designate your paparazzi!
We know that no one wants to miss the chance to capture some memories of their favorite athletes. Plan ahead to designate one fan photographer per team so everyone else can watch live. Gym owners and program directors: you could also provide the opportunity for fans to capture their own personal memories prior to the event. Maybe, at their last practice before they leave for the competition, you could designate times and allow fans to come watch the routine in your facility. At the event, you can also plan to take advantage of banners and Step & Repeat backdrops to snap some shots before or after performances!

Take the Pledge!
Pledge to be enthusiastically devoted to your team during their performance! Clap your hands, stomp your feet, dance to the beat – let down your guard and have some fun! Athletes thrive on positive energy and spirit, and this is the time to create that for them! Be a good example of sportsmanship by encouraging other teams, too!

Make it Official!
Create and Print your Be A Fan certificate and post them where your athletes practice! Share your commitment to Be A Fan on social media using the hashtag #BeAFan so we can share in your excitement (and who knows - entire programs who pledge to Be A Fan might be surprised with some fan swag)! Be sure to take a photo/screen shot of your Be A Fan certificate on your phone and bring it with you to events!

Take the Pledge

Please fill out the form below to take the pledge & get your official Be A Fan certificate!

Be sure to bring your certificate or a photo of your certificate to events for surprise perks!

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Fans Who Have
Taken the Pledge

Makenzie Dunn - Gymtyme    Lauren Godwin - Gymtyme    Aspen Stucky - Gymtyme    Diana Walden - Kentucky Cheer Center    Robbin Haase - WV Rebels    Chrissy Flack - WV Rebels    Amber Gremore - WV Rebels    Natasha Whallon - Legends Cheer Academy II    Tammy Thomas - Legends Cheer Academy II    Cherie Fromm - Cheer St. Louis Angels    Lori Sheriff - Sheriff's All-Stars    Ulyssette Seiber - Stars Athletics    LeEra Beverly - Dream Team All-Stars    Dawn Harper - Dream Team All-Stars    Caroline Gesin - Cheer Athletics    Kristin Maiorano - Dream Team All-Stars    Faith Morales - Dream Team All-Stars    Amanda Mack - Cheer Extreme Epic    Adriane Broadie - FCA GEMS    Christina Moore - Dream Team All-Stars    Robin Lear - Sheriff's All-Stars    Tresa Mathews - NEO Allstars    Errin Williams - Dream Team All Stars    Joey Mastrocola - Cheerville Athletics    Andrea Benjamin - Capital Cheer Legends    Amy Hornbeck - Dream Team All-Stars    Gino DiGuilio - World Elite Cheer    Michaele Ludy - Legacy Xtreme    Jenna Oles - Dream Team All-Stars    Julie Vandiver - Central Kentucky Athletics    William Carver - CheerVille Athletics    Katie Lindsey - CheerVille Athletics    Raynette Cornish - Mystiq Jewels All-Stars    Janelle Adams - Synergy Athletics All-Stars    Toya McDowell - Mystiq Jewels    Amberf Flowers - Mystiq Jewels All-Stars    Heidi White - Cheerville Athletics    Lisa Duncan - Legacy Elite    Janesa Shine - Mystic Jewels All stars    Nicole Meny - Legacy Elite    Candice Smith - MCC Allstars    McKenzie Cantrell - Cheerville Athletics    Ahquilah Floyd - Mystiq Jewels    Levon Powell - Mystiq Jewels    Lori Anderson - Legacy Elite    Shannon Carnes - Summit All Stars    Olivia Buck - Ultimate All stars    Troy Walton - Mystic Jewels    April Miller - Legacy Elite    Christina Obregon - United Elite All Stars    Rhonda Horner - Cheer Extreme    Caleigh Epolito - Rain Athletics    Angela Mongeau - Fame All Stars PA    Toski Flemister - Mystiq Jewels    Lisa Bain - Cheerville Athletics    Jeannelia Olmer - Fame All Stars PA    Ashley Glessner - Fame All Stars PA    Jaime Richards - Fame All Stars PA    Lindsay Rachor - Bling    Annissa Johnson - Legacy Elite Cheer    Samantha Wall - Dream Team All-Stars    Lesley Buscio - Dream Team All-Stars    Kristi Ulmer - Fame All Stars    Kevin Eigenbrodt - World Cup Scranton    Dyana Daniel - Kansas City Athletic Cheer    Marisa Clausen - Kansas City Athletic Cheer    Jade Van Slyke - KCAC    Brittany Wilson - Fame All Stars PA    Cassidy Hutchinson - KCAC    Holley Foster - 360 Athletics    Elizabeth Zajac - Glitz All Star Cheer    Tracy Williams - Tumble Station    Ashley West - Legacy Elite Cheer and Tumble    Christy Roberts - Fame All Stars PA    Danielle Snook - Fame All Stars PA    Tina Doniger - Cheerville Athletics    Jess Reger - Infinity Allstars    Kari Vail - Legacy athletics    Ciera Hardnick - Mystiq Jewels    Camille Robinson - Mystiq Jewels All-Stars    Angel Prescott - Infinity Allstars    Brooke Hendrick - Premier Athletics Knoxville West    Leah Wayman - Legacy Elite Cheer    Stephanie Fifield - Midwest Xplosion    Jeff White - Midwest Xplosion    Amber Rivera - Fame All Stars PA    Deidrah Fraase - KCAC (Kansas City Athletic Cheer)    Kim Her - Midwest Xplosion    Kelly Payne - Midwest Xplosion    Lynn Fleming - Cheer Energy    Michelle Brothers - Midwest Xplosion    Tabatha Roth - Fame All Stars PA    Kellie Grande - Infinity Allstars    Katie Calvin - Midwest Xplosion    Jennifer FitzRandolph - 360 Athletics    Nicole Wilson - Fame All Stars PA    Katie Miller - Beyond All Stars    Shannon Wildenberg - Glitz All Star Cheer    Katrina Wilson - Midwest Xplosion    Michele Shonka - Beyond All Stars    Stephanie McKee - Midwest Xplosion    Carmen Lors - 360 Athletics    Kimberly Lopez - Midwest Xplosion    Karen Osborne - Premier Knoxville West    Carter Vance - Bullitt Athletics    Kelly Westmoreland - Cheer Energy    Alicia Crosley - Midwest Xplosion    Reese Mosier - Midwest Xplosion    Malik Briggs - CheerVille Athletics    Jill Graca - Midwest Xplosion    Melissa Brauer - Fusion Athletics Green Bay    Debbie Sprague - Central Illinois Athletics    Jenny Newmark - Midwest Xtreme    Jamie Lazar - CIA    Amanda Johnson - Midwest Xplosion    Lindy Antaya - Midwest Xplosion    Deanna Merry - Central Illinois Athletics    Crystal Denton - Premier Athletics Knoxville West    Laura Berzonski - Xtreme All-Stars    Desiree Brenner - Xtreme All-Stars    Sarah Woodworth - CheerUP Athletics    Stephanie Johnson - Xtreme Allstars    Karen England - Central IL    Jennifer McArthur - Midwest Xplosion    Kelley Frakes - Platinum Cheer Stars    Rebecca Killin - Xtreme AllStars    Whitney Stauffer - Fame All Stars    Jodi Cox - Xtreme All Stars    Brenda Brayfield - Beyond All Stars    Corry & Jen Bilby - Fame All Stars    Jill Whittle - Platinum Cheer    Kim Powers - Premier Athletics Knoxville West    Stacey and Gary Dietrich - Fame All Stars PA    Nichole Slating - MWX Explosion    Kim Bartlett - Cheer Extreme    Stacey Mccoy - Platinum Cheer    Sloane Stark - Midwest Xplosion    Jared Kelley - Platinum Cheer Stars    Stephanie Miller - Platinum Cheer Stars    Jamie Robustelli - Cheer Extreme    Michelle Jenkins - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Lindsay Garren - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Marissa Latronica - FCA GEMS    Chloe Brothers - Midwest Xplosion    Debby Buchanan - Midwest Xplosion    Alecia Smith - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Renee Marino - Midwest Xplosion    Abby Cross - Premier Athletics Knoxville West    Nikki Rinaldi - Glitz Cheer    Margaret Crews - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Nicole Colantuoni - Xtreme All Stars    Kelly Kortes - Xtreme Allstars    Janie Pappa - Xtreme All Stars    Shannon Massey - Cheer Extreme    Dana Decker - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Sondra Anemaet - Supreme Allstars Cheerleading    Amber Preslar - Jackson Elite    Yolanda Robinson - Bluegrass Cheercats    Renee Wolfer - FCA GEMS    Mindy DeBaun - United All Stars    Heidi Mock - Dream Team Allstars -Jr Sensation    Kathleen Bronson - Dream Team All Stars    Audrea Hickman - Mystiq Jewels All-Stars    Janet Hughes - Midwest Xplosion    Skylar Rathz - Fierce Allstars    Christy Riley - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Jessica May - FCA GEMS    Tonya Watson - ICE Allstars    Jennifer Mazet - Sheriff's All-Stars    Wendy Shonk - Fame All Stars    Angie Gardner - Cheer Extreme Kernersville    Christina Currier-Sager - 360 Athletics    Mandy Davidson - KCAC    Julie Cripe - United All Stars    Cynthia Abreu - Infinity Allstars    Jennifer Krolikowski - Infinity Allstars    Melissa McMinn - Infinity Allstars    Anna Reid Welborn - Rockstar Cheer    Stephanie Edwards - Cheer Extreme    Stephany Magno - Infinity All-Stars    Tina Delack - Infinity Allstars    Tamie Markland - Rain Athletics    Kim Caico - Cheer Extreme All Stars    James "AJ" Simons - Cheer Extreme    Christine Semelsberger - Clearfield StarZ    Sandy Lee - Infinity Allstars    Kori Blake - ICE - Barrington    Rosalyn Dresen - 360 Athletics    Mimi Lincicome Wilt - Cheer Extreme Salem    Dawn Holcomb - Legacy Xtreme    Kenya Moore - Cheer Extreme    Sara Flasher - Clearfield Starz    Angela Patrick - Premier Athletics Knoxville West    Jennifer Stewart - Cheer Extreme    Jodi Enloe - Platinum Athletics    Amanda Mann - Infinity Allstars    Jocelyn Brown - Cheer Extreme    Patricia McCulloh - Cheer Extreme Salem    Ginger Allen - Infinity Allstars    Alaina Withers - CEA Legacy    Kerry Withers - CEA Legacy    Shannen Mathies - Cheer Extreme Kernersville    Jennifer Hurak - Cheer Extreme Salem    Tara Kenny - Infinity Allstars    Desire Alualu - Infinity Allstars    Amy Ryan - Infinity Allstars    Sharon Collins - CEA Salem    Alisha Kessler - Fame All Stars    Beth Schilling - Midwest Cheer Elite West Chester    Jessica Campbell - Midwest Cheer Elite    Lori Fangman - Midwest Cheer Elite    Stephanie Dodd - Midwest Cheer Elite    Jacqui Herthel - Midwest Cheer Elite    Misty White - Midwest Cheer Elite    Kelcie Craig - Midwest Cheer Elite Pumas    Melissa Eversole - Midwest Cheer Elite    Lynn Demcho - Midwest Cheer Elite    Lisa Raisor - Infinity Allstars    Dawn Jackson - Midwest Cheer Elite    Jessica Street - Midwest Cheer Elite    Gwen Blackwell - Cheer Extreme Kernersville    Karen Marston - Midwest Cheer Elite    Michelle Denlinger - Midwest Cheer Elite    Diane Gollin - Midwest Cheer Elite Cleveland    Carolyn Bowling - Midwest Cheer Elite    Hayley McCarty - Midwest Cheer Elite    Pamela Meyer - Midwest Cheer Elite    Kristie Bowling - Midwest Cheer Elite    Misty Haile - Midwest Cheer Elite    Cara Cudney - Champion Cheer All-Stars Inc.    Cassandra Pablo - Midwest Cheet Elite West Chester    Jennifer Hayden - Midwest Cheer Elite    Jerry Combs - Midwest Cheer Elite    Lori Mcfarland - Midwest Cheer Elite    Nichol Garrison - Midwest Cheer Elite    Tania Hurtado - Angel City Athletics    Bobbi Wilson - Ohio Valley All-Stars    Cheryl Sims - Midwest Cheer Elite - West Chester    Kelly Hotopp - Midwest Cheer Elite DiamondKatz    Andrea Katz - Northern Elite    Nicole Fisher - Midwest Cheer Elite    Nicci Infante - Xtreme Allstars-Niles OH    Maria Mikol - Northern Elite All Stars    Brittany Shafer - CCA    Stephanie Strader - Infinity Cheer Tennessee    Chrissy Aronoff - Midwest Cheer Elite    Karolyn Aljoe - All Star Athletics    Bethany Boughton - Midwest Cheer Elite    Denise Rainford - All Star Athletics    Heather Idoui - All Star Athletes - Headliners    Jill Lampman - All Star Athletics    Christine Garcia - Supreme Allstars Cheerleading    Kelly Antonucci - Statue Allstars    Tina Beattie - All Star Athletics    Megan Grant - Mega Cheer    Linda Judson - MCE Cleveland    Kathy Long - Fire and ice    Keisha Allensworth - Midwest Cheer Elite    Renee Winbush - Midwest Cheer Elite West Chester    Sue Gojsic - Level 1 mini    Stephanie Saar - London Heat Cheerleading    Chelse Wall - Cheer Extreme    Mary Rosenhagen - Midwest Cheer Elite    Margie Feldkamp - Midwest Cheer Elite    Ginny Smith - Tumble Cheer Fuzion    Shelby George - The Cheer Pitt Kansas City    Carla Donithan - Midwest - West Chester    Angie Besecker - Midwest Cheer Elite    Jesica King - Infinity Allstars    AJ Johnson - Midwest Cheer Elite    Nikki Burke - Midwest Cheer Elite    Stephanie Hopkins - Cheer Extreme    Lindsay Wilson - Midwest Cheer Elite    Dawn Hicks - Cheer Extreme    Fritz Nelsen - Midwest Cheer Elite    Scott and Christy Hemby - CEA Salem    Petra Kenney - State All Stars    Patty Marountas - MidWest Cheer Elite Cleveland    Trinity Smith - Infinity Allstars    Abbey Serafini - All Star Athletics    Margaret Allen - Mystiq Jewels    Brandi Stone - Infinity Allstars    Meredith Salcedo - Midwest Cheer Elite    Teri Goble - Midwest Cheer Elite Black Diamonds    Erica Watson - Midwest Cheer Elite    Jamie Faulhaber - Midwest Cheer Elite    Victoria Close - Midwest Cheer Elite    Chelsea Money - Midwest Cheer Elite    Amber Love - VIBE CHEER AND DANCE    Becky Lancaster - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Kristy Morris - Velocity Cheer Gym    Chandler Olmer - Fame All Stars    Lisa Ahlers - Northern Elite    Christina Chapman - Pride Pros    Alaina Pelletier - CCA All Star Cheer and Gymnastics    Heather Butler - Bluegrass Cheercats    Jamie Pendry - Infinity Cheer Team (ICT)    Allison Morales - Top Gun Lady Jags    Richard Allen - Mystic Jewels    Julie Antioch - MIdwest Xplosion    Yolanda Cameron - Midwest Cheer Elite    Lora Forthuber - Midwest Cheer Elite    Liz Rieder - Midwest Xplosion    Nicole Kells - Fame Lancaster    Barbra Gilker - Midwest Cheer Elite    Alison Slack - All Star Athletics    Kimberlie Gressly - FCA GEMS    Kimberly Davis - CEA Salem -Sizzle    Kim Ledtke - Dynamic Elite Athletics    Kristen Jenkins - Twisters Knoxville    Stephanie Franz - FCA GEMS    Jaime Falasco - Midwest Cheer Elite Cleveland    Susan McCrackin - Midwest Cheer Elite    Dawn White - Knoxville Twister All Starts    Robin Goldsmith - Xtreme Cheer Allstars    Felicia Taylor - Knoxville Twisters    Dawn Timm - Fusion athletics    Vickie Brocious - Xtreme Allstars-Niles OH    Stacey Adams - Ohio Valley All-Stars    Angela Skinner - All Star Athletics - Leading Ladies    Tara Chorley - All Star Athletics    Susan Coyne - World Elite    Emily Jenkins - Cheer Extreme    Charlene Baker - World Elite    Kate Hammond - World Elite    Amy Davis - Cheer Extreme    Cheryl Hurick - Midwest Xplosion    LaChelle Johnson - Midwest Cheer Elite    Lisa Hudson - Midwest Xplosion    Jess Wollschleger - New York Icons Rochester    Tiffany Diggs - Mystiq Jewels Allstars    Barb Winters - Midwest Cheer Elite    Denise Herman - World Elite    Lizz Schmitz - Midwest Cheer Elite West Chester    Brittany Carpenter - Royalty Athletix    Renee Luke - World Elite    LeTisha Holloway - Mystiq Jewels All-stars    Kelli Gobble - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Kellye Archer - Knoxville Twisters    Jena Christy - Elite Legends of Ohio    Angela Kinnary - Cheer St. Louis    Amanda Villanueva - Midwest Cheer Elite    Alisha Bazil - World Elite    Maddie Nevins - Cheer St. Louis    Carrie Topping - Cheer St. Louis    Susan Ruddle - Infinity All Stars    Shelby Beer - Cheer St. Louis    Laura Holdren - Midwest Cheer Elite    Amanda Wiwi - Midwest Cheer Elite    Melissa Brown - All Star Headliners Cheer    Yvonne Selders - Midwest Cheer Elite Toledo    Michelle Carter - Cheer Extream Salem    Krysten Hearron - Kansas City Athletic Cheer    Morgan Donald - Nebraska Cheer Center    Jean Scott - Midwest Cheer Elite    Kasey Staples - Legacy Elite Cheer    Nyla Loeun - Cheer Extreme Salem    Sabrina Maturgo - Infinity Allstars    Laura Loeun - Cheer Extreme Salem    Amy Ritzie - Midwest    Stormi Nakia - Mystiq Jewels All Star    Valerie Evans - Envious Athletics    Peggy Foster Dunaway - MCE    Tiffany Cartwright - 360 Athletics    Melissa Borgio - Midwest Cheer Elite Cleveland    Patience Reo - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Molly Braun - 360 Athletes    Abby Scott - Cheer Extreme    Caitlyn Wheat - Cheer Extreme    Nina Elkins - Cheer St. Louis    Nicole Fox - 360 Athletics    Brooke Falkner - 360 Athletics    Kaitlyn Crews - Cheer Extreme Kernersville    Kharin Gibson - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Avery Smith - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Shelly Clawson - Midwest    Michelle Yuzwa - World Elite    Christina Penna - University Cheer Force    Emma Lanctot - All Star Athletics    Shannon Bright - Xtreme Allstars    Mimi Elizarraras - Envy All-Star    Shannon Von Harz - Cheer St. Louis    Daria Tater - Infinity Allstars    Isabella Webb - Cheer Extreme    Glenna Klei hi - Midwest Cheer Elite    Angela Dolfi - Midwest Cheer Elite Columbus    Maya Caico - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Sherita Montgomery - Mystiq Jewels Allstars    Jennifer Schmidt - Midwest Cheer Elite Swagkatz    Patti Phillips - Infinity Allstars    Jennifer Culley - Midwest Xplosion    Meghan Dunham - Synergy Athletics Allstars    Molly Koch-Burt - Midwest Cheer Elite    Glenda Morrow - PrIde of Illinois    Keri Cwiak - Elite Legends of Ohio    Melissa Osborne - Nor Cal Elite    Jessica Knight - Synergy All Star Athletics    Christina Ascherl - Midwest Cheer Elite Cleveland    Lisa Floyd - Cheer Extreme    Christy Scott - Platinum Athletics    Briana Newton - Envy Athletics    Mindy Bailey - Synergy Athletic Allstars    Stacy Poore - Va Wild Cheer & Dance    Stephanie Pemberton - United Elite    Jayden Lanier - Cheer Extreme    Erin Davis - Cheer Extreme    Michelle Bowling - Midwest Cheer Elite    Berkeley Mason - Cheer Extreme Kernersville    Jason Poole - Synergy Athletics    Sophie Shreve - Synergy Athletic All-Star    Michelle Wheat - CEA    Sue Hayes - Midwest Cheer Elite    Shelly King - Jackson cheer    Nikki Mollica - Cheer St. Louis    June Baker - Virginia Wild    Casi Collier - Synergy Athletic All Stars    Carolene Haynes - Cheer Extreme    Natalie Fogleman - Cheer Extreme Kernersville    Missy Robinson - Synergy Athletic Allstars    Emma Craig - Cheer Extreme    Dawn Bucceri - Top Gun Ohio    Rosie Miesse - Midwest Cheer Elite Columbus    Maria Koury - Infinity Allstars    Jeana Cox - Cheer Extreme    Krista Farrow - Cheer St. Louis    Sheray Magagi - Mystiq Jewells Allstars    Michelle Evanish - Elite Legends of Ohio    Kylee Jones - Synergy Athletics All-Stars    Sherry Moore - Cheer St. Louis    Cat Barber - Midwest Cheer Elite    Hope Bennett - Ohio Valley All-Stars    Mary Patrickma - Midwest Cheer Elite    Danielle Stark - Midwest Xplosion    Julie Hill Lin - Midwest Xplosion    Marla Hurst - Platinum Athletics    Kristie Strandberg - Impact One Allstars    Grace Twyford - Indiana Elite    Verretta Burk - Midwest Cheer Elite    Bobbie Green - Synergy Athletics All-Stars    MarKeia Martin - Diamond Athletics, Pgh    Lacey Tomasiak - Cheer St. Louis    Jason R Castillo - Knight Time Cheer    Christine Nygren - 360 Athletics    Diane Rankin - Fire and Ice    Brenda Dean - Premier Athletics Knoxville West    Lexi Cole - Cheer St. Louis    Gayna Jensen - Cheer St. Louis    Mandy Whitton - Midwest Cheer Elite    Erin Godlewski - Impact one    Lindsey Phillips - Legacy Elite Cheer    Kacie Householder - Dream Team Allstars    Dawn Murphy - Cheer St. Louis    Karen Dillon - Impact One Allstars    Amber Wollan - Dakota Spirit    Gail Martin - Cheer St. Louis    Karen Starr - Dakota Spirit    SaMya Greathouse - Mystiq Jewels Allstars    Brianna Reyes - Desert elite mavericks    Lee Tate - Bluegrass Cheercats    Yvonne Offill - United Elite Athletics    Megan Sambuca - Airborne Elite AllStars    Christine Downey - Airborne all star    Rebecca Thompson - South Central Athletics    Gennesis Coronado - Desert elite Mavericks    Tracy Hefner - Desert Elite Mavricks    Joan Lenahan - Airborne Elite All Stars    Alyssa Nelson - Airborne Elite All Stars    Kathy Cullura - Airborne Elite    Ava Dopson - Airborne Elite All Stars    Amy Widmer - Airborne Elite All Stars    Brandi Blessing - Cheer Extreme    Karen Anderson - Airborne Elite All Stars    Jazmin Kernstine - Cheer Extreme    Nicole Collins - Dakota Spirit    Jerylin Custer - Airborne Elite    Sheryl Null - StepOne North Allstars    Christy McCafferty - Airborne Elite All Stars    Michelle Sikes - CheerVille Athletics    Johanna Lucas - KCAC    Christi Cimino - Airborne Elite All Stars    Michelle Mills-Smith - Cheerville-Mystique    Melissa Mercado - Cheer Extreme All Stars    Tammy Jonasson - Cheer Extreme    Denise Scanlon - Midwest Xplosion    Charlene Vaughn - CEA Salem    Tatia Grafton - CEA Salem    Ashley Mellott - Fame Lancaster All Stars    Sally Lalor - United All Stars    Chaz Mellott - Fame Lancaster All Stars    Dani Siebenaler - Allegiant Cheer Elite    Sedrick Garza - Infinity Allstars    Lauren Dopson - Airborne Elite All Stars    Jennifer Hoch - Airbourne Elite    Lexie Cunningham - Cheer Extreme    Heather Oppedahl - United All Stars    Chris Kettle - Midwest Xplosion    Caryn Polly - Cheer Express Allstars    Rebbecca Ernst - Midwest Xplosion Blackout    Kelley Goodyk - United All Stars    Stacey Ehly - Airborne Elite    Kristin Mezzles - Bluegrass Cheercats    Ashley Mundie - United all stars    Jessica McClellan - United All Stars    Sheila Mills - Triple Crown Elite    Malaina Carter - Cheer Extreme All Stars -Kville    Jessie Burris - United All Stars    Madalyn Howe - Midwest Xplosion    Ashley & Zoe Kempf - United Allstars    Shari Monkkonen - Midwest Xplosion Cheer    Samantha Faris - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Nicole Swanson - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Julie Solovay - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Kayla Perry - Cheer extreme Raleigh    Jen Jones - Cheer Exreme Raleigh    Lisa Rice - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Enma Rogers - Cheer Extreme    Jodi Hummel - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Victoria Ivory - CEA Raleigh    Donita Evans - United All Stars    Amber Pullen - CEA Raleigh    LaDonna Kay - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Tonya Nehren - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Kellie Hodges - Cheer Energy    Charity Overbeek - Cheer Extreme raleigh    Tracye Mcintyre-Halen - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Angie Goertz - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Joshna Patel - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Carrie Swigert - Premier Athletics Knoxville West    Katie Nekvinda - United All Stars    Jill Faris - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Alexis Pfefferle - All Star One    Chrissie Weaver - CEA Salem    Alicia Brown - Central Illinois Athletics    Rachelle Bartnick - Cheer St. Louis    Wendy Johnson - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Bonnie Strider - Premier Knoxville West - Mako Sharks    Jill Hurt - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Christina Gainey - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Kimberly Kale - Elite Legends of Ohio    Susan Krzykowski - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Ricky Lane - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Eric Reyez - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Courtney Reyes - CEA Raleigh    Kelly Ward - Cheer Eclipse    Kimberly Dickenson - Cheer Express Allstars    Michelle Merritt - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Daryl Merritt - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Melissa Flower - Cheer Eclipse    Chantel Lopez - Envy All stars    Stephanie Lynch - CheerVille Athletics    Sue Green - Cheerville Athletics    Lisa Repath - CheerVille - Freeze    Pamela Nelson - Cheer Eclipse    Robert Nelson - Cheer Eclipse    Audrey Nittler - Cheer Eclipse    Michelle Cook - Cheer Eclipse    Rebecca Cruise - Cheerville Athletics    Amy Rooker - Cheerville Athletics    Lora Gross - Md Twisters    Ashley Carter - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Melissa Guthery - Cheer Eclipse    Deanne Ross - Ohio Valley All-Stars    Amamda Moorman - Legacy Elite    Laureen Greathouse - Cheerville    Brandie Miller - Cheer Eclipse    Sara Stubbs - Cheer Eclipse    Kaeley Nelsen - Dakota Spirit    Julie Knight - Cheer Eclipse    Lesley Redman - Cheerville Athletics    Kim Johnson - Cheer Extreme Raleigh    Julie Williams - Dream Team All-Stars    Ava Chavez - Midwest Xplosion    Dishawn Batts-Redd - Jacksonville Allstars    Shirley Alken - Cheerville Swipers    Jennifer Schlotter - Airborne Elite All Stars    Amy Fullington - Cheer Eclipse    Isabella Van Boxtel - Northern Extreme Athletics    Amber Wheeler - New York Icons    Alexis Bitters - Northern Extreme Athletics    Amber Tillery - Cheer Eclipse    Courtney Hecht - The Cheer Pitt Kansas City    Jennifer Swearingen-Humphries - TCPKC    Jaymie Swearingen - TCP    Maxine Sommerer - The Cheer Pitt Kansas City    Jennifer Curtis - The Cheer Pitt Kansas City    Kim Stradtner - Cheerville    Valerie Cavanaugh - Indiana Elite    Theresa Cogdill - Cheerville    Paula Bowers - The Cheer Pitt-Pittsburg, KS    Cheryl Price - The Cheer Pitt Kansas City    Tina Forster - All Star Athletics    Katy Lee - The Cheer Pitt    Audrey Wood - The Cheer Pitt Kansas City    DeeDee Thomas - Cheerville    Brandi Mars - Heat Athletics    Stephanie Beaudoin - Heat athletics    Jessica Janiszewski - Heat Athletics    Christina Backus - Heat Athletics    Jennifer Ignatowski - Heat Athletics    Taylor Grade - Cheer St. Louis    Vicki Fitzpatrick - Heat Athletics    Heather Smith - HEAT    Rene Crow - Heat Athletics    Shannon Mclean - Cheer Sport Sharks    Maria Szejna - Heat Athletics    Lisa Bocanegra - Icat All Stars    Suzie Ureda - Heat Athletics    Neil & Amanda Kilgore - Fame All Stars Lancaster    Rochelle Reynolds - Mystic Jewels    Kelly Craig - 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KGDC    Laura Shephard - Cheer Zone All Stars KY    Melissa Thele - Cheer St. Louis    Julie Lopez - Cheer Extreme    Sandy Beaber - Phonex    Wendy Lane - Tribe Cheer    Stephanie Braun - Koach Allstars    Kaitlin Seten - Dakota spirit    Kelly Mckinney - Cheer St. Louis    Mari Van Zanten - Dakota Spirit    Billie Castrop - Tribe Cheer    Anna Castro - Tribe Cheer    Cassie Fields - Tribe Cheer    Ron Lane - Tribe Cheer    Aimie Parsley - Tribe Cheer    Jake Mattison - Storm Cheer    Jennifer Benson - Tribe Cheer    Courtney Chavez - Cg athletics    Christine Neal - Advanced cheer crew    Jane Stewart - Cheer eclipse Electra    Bettina Beedy - Cheer eclipse    Bella Tillery - Cheer Eclipse    Laura Hunt - Spa City Elite    Tanya Barnes - Kc cheer    Victoria Gonzalez - TC Fusion    Mary Stattelman - TC Fuzion    Jeramiah Johnson - Storm Cheer    Maggie Menendez - Cheer xpress    Steve Alford - Advanced cheer crew    Jennifer Hall - Tribe Cheer    Ron Poolaw - Tribe cheer    Taylor Weaver - Koach    Kevin Baker - Twist and shout    Kristina Milliken - Tribe Cheer    Brittany Westmoreland - Cheer eclipse    Emma DeBold - Koach    Haeley Subbert - Koach allstars    Zuri Harker - Koach allstars    Jaylah Simon - Koach Allstars    Jada Santone - TFCC    Jasmine Thompson - TFCC    Imonie Jim - TFCC    Leann Subbert Subbert - Koach    Paige Harker - Koach    M Stefan - Storm Cheer    Mackenzie Isler - Iowa elite cheer    Sheldon Roberts - Jdjdkcidid    Todd Joseph - Storm Cheer    Mikayla Smith - ymca    Melissa Gagne - Koach    Sameerah Hasam - Spirit Zone    Rylea Cloyd - All star    Heather Watts - All Star Patriots    Makayla Watts - Allstar    Lynz Gardner - Allstar    Kris Pierce - Patriots All Stars    Hope Winton - Cheer Eclipse    Christina Winton - Cheer Eclipse    Heather Ramsey - Elite cheer omaha    Deana Butcher - Tribe Cheer    Lauren Bailey - Tribe cheer    Asiah Johnson - Spartans    Jozlyn Johnson - Spartans    Sheyanne Marshall - Spartans    London Johnson - Spartans    Adriana Brown - Fierce    Megan Mark - Fierce cheer    Amiah Johnson - Tribe Athletics    Nahla Hicks - Fierce    Sion Sadler - Fierce    Liberty Norris - Beyond all stars    Naliyh Mcclelland - Beyond all stars    Macie Mccoll - Beyond all stars    Alysa Staton - Beyond all stars    Kaitlynn Hiatt - Cheer St Louis    Addie Jeffries - TFCC    Robert Trudell - TFCC    Tiff Jon - Kcc    Isaiah Gayden - Cheer Eclipse    Mya Jenkins - Beyond All Stars    Taylor Gilfillan - TFCC    Hailey Ferguson - Cheer St.louis    Ziba Frieze - Beyond All Stars    Cienna Frieze - Beyond all stars    Valerie Anderson - Cg athletes    Jess Maas - Take Flight    Av Maas - Take Flight    Sharinda Hutton - Cheer eclipse    Abbie Steele - Cheer eclipse    Rylee Bertha - Cheer Eclipse    Heaven Wickwire - Beyond all stars    Natalia Reynoso - Beyond Allstars    Paulette Lopez - Beyond Allstars    Stacy Koletzke - Beyond all stars    Frankie Banta - Beyond all stars    Reese Paiz - Beyond Allstars    Katie Frost - tribe cheer    Amber Frost - Tride Cheer    Jaimee Segebart - KCAC    Addison Kyle - Kcac    April Nelsen - Dakota spirit    Michelle Baca - Koach allstars    Crissy Clough - Kc cheer    Amanda Shanks - Icon    Jamie Lane - Icon cheer    Aric Anderson - TC Fusion    Ella Black - Kcac    Avery Nooteboom - Kcac    Katelyn Morelock - Jennifer    Macie Osier - KC cheer    Carly Zimmerman - KC Cheer    Matt Meres - BEyond All stars    Amber Long - Tribe All Stars    Chris Herrera - Tribe Cheer    Alvaro Gutierrez - Beyond All Stars    Maddie Alvarez - Beyond All Stars    Makayla Satorie - Beyond All Stars    Sarah Harris - Cheer St Louis    Eric Harlan - Tribe Athletics    Emily Grubis - Tribe Cheer    Braden Winner - Cheers & More    Brian Vediz - Cheer pitt    Erica Martin - Tribe Cheer    Emily Jeffries - TCP    Mallory Carnes - Beyond all stars    Kaela Singla - Cheer st louis    Kayla Pierpoint - KC cheer    Ben Pierooint - KC cheer    Melissa Diel - Legendz    Brooklyn Mohr - KC Cheer    Emma Mohr - KC Cheer    Gabriella Doroteo - Cheer eclipse    Gabriella Sirabella - Kc cheer    Laura Murray - Kc Cheer    Maddie Davidson - Kc cheer    Christy Harrison - Spirit zone    Kaniah Konkoly - Spirit Zone    Rick Konkoly - Spirit Zone    Brooklynn Fares - I don't know    Jon Moeckel - CG athletics    Paige Saban - Kc cheer    Faith Singleton - Kc cheer    Lucy Daniel - Cheer Eclipse    Mckinlee Walker - Cheer eclipse    Ella Berner - Cheer eclipse    Devin Douglas - Kc cheer    Griffen Shurtleff - Kc cheer    Tammy Jenkins - Midwest Xplosion    Zoe Jenkins - Midwest Xplosion    Jennifer Culp - Rock Solid Elite    Regina Figueroa - Valley Elite Athletics    DEE CHMIEL - Valley Elite All Stars    Ann Marie Austin - Valley Elite Allstars    Skye LaStella - Valley Elite    Amy Rodgers - Cheer Express    Jen Grantham - Valley Elite Allstars    Denisha Brazille - Tribe Cheer    Mary-Elizabeth Beard - Tribe Cheer    Kristy Perry - Tribe Cheer    Alicia Derrough - London Heat - Sparks    Elizabeth Hardman - London Heat    Andrea Castillo - Mini -London Heat IGNITE 2017-2018    Cathy Bisset - London Heat    Buffy Axford - London Heat    Valerie Crete - London Heat    Kathryn Fryer - London Heat Cheerleading    Kristin McKenzie - London Heat Cheer AllStars    Marsha Bradley - London Heat - ignite    Amparo Baete - London Heat    Jackie Norman - London Heat    Brianne Kemmerer - Valley elite allstars    Hailey Collins - Tribe cheer/ Arrowheads    Jessica Pickett - London Heat    Angela Cribar - London Heat    Charlotte Power - London heat    Marsha Garrison - Valley Athletics    Tina Clarkson - Air Force Mavericks    Shelley Barber - Air Force Mavericks    Brenda Thomas - CheerCore Collingwood    Erika Moore - Foursis    Kristian Short - Cheerville Athletics    Kristie Hood - Premier Athletics NKY    Robyn Napier - River Cities AllStars    Michele Ridenour - United All Stars    Ashley Cheek - Premier Athletics    Staci McSwain - MidwestCheerElite    Scott Denlinger - Midwest cheer elite    Laura Edwards - Midwest Cheer Elite    Jennifer Brenner - MidWest cheer elite    Lisa Seye - Cheer Extreme Roanoke    Samantha Marra - Tsc allstars    Sheena Caballero - ICE Allstars Aurora    Amber Joley - Indiana Ultimate    Doug Odiorne - Indiana Ultimate    Amber Mechling - Ice    Katlyn Olivia Fiore - Wicked Cheer Company    Jaris Demankowski - Indiana Ultimate    Tara Weddle - Indiana Ultimate    Kathryn Dixon - Indiana Elite    Kristy Kinder - Indiana Elite    Stella Long - Ice Indy    Angie Marshall - INDIANA ULTIMATE    Reggie Molitor - Indiana Ultimate    Maddie Dawson - Five Star    Angela Bricker - Ice all stars Indy    Leah Hall - Element Elite    Christine Roberts - Twist-n-Turns    Jennifer Snawder - Twist-N-Turns    Lexi Conlen - Twist-N-Turns    Kami Conlen - Twist-N-Turns    Roxanne Whitlock - Twist N Turns    Heather Elliott-Kirsch - Twist & Turns    Tonya Welty - Twist and Turns    Emily Parrish - Twist-N-Turns    Todd Rehmel - Twist and turns    Amy Kelly - Twist N Turns    Rhonda Krow - Twist N Turns    Heidi Morris - Twist N Turns    Scarlett Shackleford - Twist n Turns (TNT)    Sylvia Rehmel - TNT    Paula Igou - Twist N Turns    Amy Bleidt - Gymtyme Allstars    Courtney McFadden - Twist and Turns jeffersonville in    Alicia Flowers - Twist-N-Turns    Misty Stiles - TNT    Angela Underwood - Twist N Turn    Jason Parrish - Twist n turns    Nikki Young - Twist N Turns    Rachel McCoy - Tnt    Tammy Voigt - Twist N Turns    Misti Paynter - Twist N Turns    Jasmine Baker - Twist-N-Turns    Aaron Courtney - Twistnturns    Hallie Nance - Gymtime superstars    Cathy Bailey - Twist N Turns    Rachael Stacey - Twist N Turns Cheer    Jaida Young - Twist-n-turns All-stars    Becci Nelson - Cheer    Ashley Wilson - Twist N Turns    Gay Miller - TNT    Melinda Drury - Twist n turns    Sara Briscoe - Twists N Turns Cheer    Becky Humphrey - Memphis Elite Desoto    Shawn Murdock - Premier NKY    Andrea Parker - Capital Cheer Legends    Terri Lewis - Cheer Express Allstars    Kelly Wernke - Indiana Elite    Jody Lordi - World Cup Allstars    Jaeda Grubbs - World Cup Allstars    Stephanie Rice - Premier Athletics NKY    Bellla Connor - GymTyme    Colleen Rafter - Virginia Wild Cheer and Dance    Sydney Hess - Premier all stars    Amie Lynch - PA Starz    Cherie Watkins - PA Starz    Brandy Turner - United Elite    Alison Stoffel - Milwaukee Reign All Star Cheer    Amber O'Glee - Louisiana Rebel All Stars    Lashanda Henry - La Rebels    Eliza Johnson - Louisiana Cheernastics Rebels    Brandi Murphy - La Rebels    Gabi Jolley - Rebels Spirit    Brandy Hernandez - Louisiana Rebels    Tamika Brooks - Louisiana Cheernastics    Brianna Moore - Louisiana Rebel All Stars    Kayleigh Moore - Louisiana Rebel Allstars    Heidi Adkins - Louisiana Rebel All Stars    Rebekah Brown - Louisiana Rebels    Kristen Smith - Louisiana Cheernastics-Rebels    Kimberly Smith - Louisiana Rebels All-star Cheerleading    Freda Pattillo - Louisiana Rebels Team Heart    Kelly Babin - Louisiana Rebels-Respect    Melody Brown - Louisiana Rebel    Aliyah Delaney - Louisiana Rebels    Shamar Brown - Louisiana Rebel    Tia Gage - Lousiana Cheernastics    Ashley Carroll - Louisiana Cheernastics    Brandy Adams - Louisiana Rebel All Stars    Alissa Kilpatrick - Louisiana Rebels    Heather Acor - Rebels All-Stars    Stephanie Jamison - Strength    Lauri Laney - Louisiana REBELS    Kelly Paul - Louisiana Cheernastics-Rebels    Kelly Peyton - Louisiana Rebels    Yolanda Williams - Louisiana Rebel Allstars    Susan Parker - Rebel Cheer    LISA Clark - Louisiana Rebels    Leondria March - Louisiana Cheernastics    Treyon March - Louisiana Cheernastic    Courtney Harvey - Louisiana Rebels    Amy Norcross - Louisiana Rebels    Holly Goggil - Louisiana Rebel All Stars    Kelly Voice - Phoenix Elite    Mama Woot - Louisiana Rebels    Stacy Davis - LA Rebel Allstars Team Legends    Leah Renfro - Louisiana Rebels Allstar    Deanna Rabb - Louisiana Rebel Allstars GLORY    Brittany Ward - Louisiana Rebels    Harper Cogswell - Louisiana Rebels    Shelby Hamlin - United Elite Allstars    Lisa Foster - Louisiana cheer Allstars Rebels    Angela Cairo - 5 Star All Star Phoenix Elite    Brynn Malone - La rebels    Karen Hartman - Phoenix Elite Senior Level 3 Coed    Katie Hore - Louisiana Rebels    Cindy Sheeks - Interactive    TRISH FRANCIOSI - INTERACTIVE ACADEMY    Christine Knoblock - World Cup Ohio    Heather Mills - Louisiana Rebels Conquer    Raquelle Bradley - Quantum Dance    Bethany Hall - Quantum allstars    John Dillon - Quantum All Stars    RayAnn Cahill - Quantum All Stars    Riley Pry - Quantum Dance    Julie Hand - Quantum Dance    Lexie Williams - Tumble Express    Ltisha Olvera - Louisiana Rebels All-stars    Chrisy Rupert - FCA Gems    Tonya Wright - quantum    Raymond Wright - quantum    Megan Sauer - Quantum All Stars    Jana Baxter - Fire & Ice All Stars    Mary Garrison - Fury Thunder    Traci Beaudoin - Fame Allstars Midlothian    Lyndsay Proctor - GymTyme All Stars    Lilyan Larson - Gymtyme All-stars    Terri Hunt - Rockstar    Debby Kirby - Legacy Xtreme    Angela Bennett - World Elite    Brianna Lancaster - Powercore Athletics    Julle Dohme - I Force Cheer    Chelsey Claypool - Iforce cheer    Jacquelyn Flowers - I Force Cheer    Jennifer Price - I Force Cheer    Brenda Ruhnke - CG Athletics    Tertius Shelton - I Force Cheer    Debrah Migetz - Brandon All Stars East    Mandi Shelmadine - I Force Cheer    Amelia Sawyer - Step One All Stars North    Tammy Neal - Iforce cheer    Marcee Taylor - Iforce cheer    Tammy Lyon - World Elite    Tabbi McCallister - Icon Cheer    Lizzie Frisbey - ICON Cheer    Kelli Gelle - Icon Cheer    Maranda Pennington - Icon Cheer    Shannon Gagnepain - ICON Cheer    Terri Conner - ICON    Samatha Britz - Icon cheer    Courtney Martin - ICON Cheer    Karma Sipes - Cheer Empire    Jen Trotter - Top Gun Allstars Ohio    Tisha Ramsey - Triple Crown Cheer Company    Jamie Evans - IForce Royals    Karri Rickard - Fire and Ice Mars    Shanna Metzelthin - Icon Cheer Empire    Laura Postma - Icon Cheer    Jennifer Zeanchock - Xtreme Cheer Allstars    Kelly Parker - IForce Angels    WHITNEY KINCADE - GU Shamrocks??????????    Mykie Nash - Icon    Kaylee Maffioli - TX All Stars    Abbey Thomas - Tumble Express Cheer    Darlene Scudder - Icon cheer    Hollie Stapleton - ICON    Sara Stallcop - TXC    Mandy Horn - Tumble Express    Michele Caetano - Icon Cheer    Tara Scranton - Iowa Elite Cheer    R Morris - Blue storm athletics    Beverly Anderson - Icon Cheer    Tareka Wheeler - Cheer Extreme Maryland    Trista Bellotti - Cheer Fusion Elite    Sarah Connor - GymTyme All Stars    Ashley Collier - TCD    YarMeka Garrett - Fame All Stars Midlo    Raven Enders - TXC Cheetahs    Claire Fisher - FAME Allstars    Victoria Fisher - FAME Allstars - Covergirls    Marsha Lancaster - Central Kentucky Athletics    Channing Moulton - FAME Allstars Midlothian Virginia    Christa Meredith - TSC ALLSTARS    Erin Rowings - Tumble Express - TX Cheer    Samantha Thieme - Titanium force    Emma Rogers - Titanium Force Cheer    Amber Morris - FAME Allstars -Valley    Trent Patrick - Midwest Cheer Elite    Kathy Newkirk-Cook - Jamfest Cheer and Dance Event    Brigitte Echols - Woodlands Elite    Art Cook - Ice Diamond Dust Aurora, Il.    Terri Henson - Terre Haute Cheer University    Gistacy Brown - Albany Elite Tiger Paws    Brandy Crask - ICE ALLSTARS    DeeAnn Culley - Interactive Academy    Bailee Cheek - Icon Cheer    Julia Slocik - ICE All Stars    Heather Nieman - TSC Allstars    Shawnna Godwin - Dakota Spirit    Kristen Guillaume - Jamfest Indy    Christina Couch - I FORCE CHEER ANGELS    Jenny Kender - Tsc Allstars    Amie Leckie - Louisiana Rebel All Stars    Nyzailia Jackson - Ellenwood Allstars    Lisa Monahan - TSC All Stars    Lisa Sheese - TX Panthers    Ryan Kim - Fame VB    Hayden Kim - Fame VB    Teresa Felder - ICE Allstars    Bryon Carmoney - CG Athletics    Cindy Pearce - Woodlands Elite    Holly Denney - Icon Cheer    Traci Bryant - Rockstar Cheer Greer, S.C.    Brooks Russell - Icon cheer    Pam Medley - Central Ky Athletics    Lily White - Midwest xplosion    Joni Shallcross - Fire and Ice    Robin Vaughn - Louisiana Cheer Force    Steven Contomanolis - FAME    Jillian Contomanolis - Fame All Stars - Tiny Elite    Beate Henkel - Pittsburgh Pride All Stars    Corey Herbert - Tumble Express    Keyyanna Genz - Green Bay Elite - Peach    Corrine Sauter - Green Bay Elite    Karen Flanagan - TSC All Stars    Jessica Sheldon - Green Bay Elite    Jennifer Wade - Woodlands Elite    Shannon Garrido - Pacific coast magic    Angel Graham - Brandon all stars    Tina Myers - Pennyrile Panthers    Makenzie Tallman - Flames Athletics    Sarah Franz - Rockstar Athletics    Dana Mariano - Fire and Ice    Kimm Vandehei - Rockstar Athletics    Rebecca Placek - Rockstar Athletics    Barbette Cross - NEO ALLSTARS    Kim Ford - Northern Extreme Athletics    Brenda Shaffer - Rockstar Athletics    Mandy Smith - Rockstar Athletics    Katie Svendsen - Rockstar Athletics    Kelly Witt - Rockstar Athletics    Stephanie Tachick - Green Bay Elite    Julie Tumy - Icon Cheer Envy and Elegance    Addi Schenck - Dragons Elite Cheer    Sharon Munoz - Stingray All Star Naples Suns    Tasha Easter - Rockstar Athletics    Danielle Sellenriek - Icon Cheer Empire    Cristine Casper - Rockstar Athletics    Andy Ball - Cheer Zone    Sandy Ball - Cheer Zone    Katy McIntyre - Rockstar Athletics    Jessica Anaya - Rockstar Athletics    Sydnie Graham - Flames Athletics    Sheranne McMurdo - Icon Cheer team Edge    Colin Tallman - Flames Athletics    Morrigan Fifield - Pheonix Flames    Jen Thomas - Titanium Force Cheer    Chanda Bennett - Titanium Force Cheer    Rosemary Silkes - One Elite All Stars    Wendy Christ - Westside Cheer - Indianapolis, IN    Stephanie Curtis - Titanium Force Cheer    Kara Frazer - GU Shamrocks    Cheryl Wise - Limelight Allstars    Shannon Taylor - Titanium Force Cheer    Michelle Poland - Westside Cougars    Julie LeMasters - Titanium Force    Amy Gee - VIP ATHLETICS    Teresa Bender - Fire & Ice Allstars    Brandon English - Phoenix Flames    Malinda Cesnik - Westside Cougars All Stars    Danielle Smith - VIP Athletics    Jennifer Fiore - TSC Allstars    Linda Krampen - Westside    Sarah Rittle - Top Gun Ohio    Addy Rittle - TOP GUN OHIO    Kathy Brady - Titanium Force    Lori Grabowski - Top Gun Ohio    Alia Heidelberg - Top Gun Ohio    Aubrey Heckman - Top Gun Ohio    Sonya Lawson - Woodlands elite    jodie Bogdan - Top Gun    Donna Squires - Top Gun    Cortnie Horvath - Step 1 Allstars    Ashley Mysza - Top Gun    Adriana Dowdy - Top Gun    Laura Mysza - Top Gun    Julie Shaw - Top gun    Alex Lavin - Titanium Force Cheer    Leslie Svoboda - Top Gun Ohio    Erika Huffman - Top Gun Ohio Royal Jags    Becky Anderson - Titanium Force Cheer    Ashley Tarorick - TOP GUN OHIO    Faith Bunnell - CKA    Lisa Glover - Rockstar Athletics    Riley Glover - Rockstar Athletics    Lorrie Preston - Titanium Force    Becky Smolarchuk - Titanium Force Cheer    Tammie Penney - Titanium Force Cheer    Sandy Fansler - Top Gun OHIO    Sara McKinley - Top Gun Ohio    Shannon Burke - Westside White Lightning    Natalie Whitman - Flames Athletics    Teria Bivins - Top Gun Ohio    Gracie Root-Sutherby - Phoenix Flames    Isabelle Sutherby - Phoenix Flames    Isabella Wood - Flames Athletics    Tabitha Hixenbaugh - Flames Athletics    Josey Janiga - Phoenix Flames    Vanessa Kirkpatrick - FAME    Kevin & Leann Smith - Westside    Taylor Gearhart - Top Gun Ohio    Christina Forster Pazienza - Limelight Cheerleading Allstars    Bruno Pazienza - Limelight Cheerleading Allstars    Tasha Nettles - Titanium Force Cheer    Tricia Dick - Top Gun Ohio    Ebony McClellan - Quest allstars    Rhawnie Roberts - Titanium Force Cheer    Michelle Acosta - Brandon Allstars    Lisa Profita - Brandon Allstars    Alysia Fortner - Woodlands Elite    Deborah Wille - Top Gun Ohio    Dianna DiGregorio - Brandon Allstrs    Jenna Mccowan - Cheer extreme    Tiffany Long - Platinum athletics    Julie Branham - Icon Cheer Empire    Anne Hennessey - TNT cheer    Michelle Kelly - Rockstar Athletics- Oak Creek    Amy Velazquez - Top Gun Ohio    Victor Velazquez - Top Gun Ohio    Lori Kendrick - Ohio Top Gun - Majesty    Tabby Hixenbaugh - Phoenix Flames    Marleigh Hemstreet - Phoenix Flames    April Rhodes - Ellenwood AllStars    Jodi Bennett - Indiana Elite    Lucy Ramos - Central Kentucky Athletics    Susan Shepard - Top Gun Ohio    Melanie Nesbit - Pride of Illinois- paisley    Ashley Stewart - Platinum athletics    Hunter Ongay - Westside Cougars    Michelle Mohnickey - Top Gun Royal Jags    Kristen Data - Top Gun    Karen Horein - Westside Cougars    Stephanie Miskell - Cheer Extreme Maryland    Ellyce Polizzi - Titanium Force    Angie Bounit - Top Gun Ohio    Janice Webb - Fivestar, Erlanger Kentucky    Brooke Harrison - Ford Cheer Company Diamonds    Karen Roberts - titanium force    Denise Kennedy - Ice Allstars    Amanda Pickett - Westside cougars    Kristen Thomas - Top Gun Ohio    Krista Campisano - Element Elite    Karen Vitz - Tumble Express    Betty Hunter - Indiana Ultimate    Theresa Ritter - Premier Gym and Cheer    Debbie Tann - Top Gun Ohio    Leslie Lange - Titanium Force Cheer    Tyler Arrington - Twist and Shout    Carem Barnes - Spirit Cheer    Jennifer Brasfield - Spirit Cheer    Alysia Wirfel - Extreme Cheer All Stars    DeAnne Belles - Extreme Cheer All Stars    Karrie Hall - Westside Cougars All-stars    Laura Reynolds - Venom Flip Zone    Peggy Garner - Woodlands Elite    Melinda Lester - Ellenwood All Stars    Jessica Woolwine - Indiana Ultimate    Andrea Holmes - Venom Cheer All Stars    Shente Taylor - Ellenwood All Stars    David Vessels - Central Kentucky Athletics    Tammy Lark - Cheerville    Letrice Williams - Cheerville    Faith Shepard - Top Gun    Jon Holmes - Venom Athletics    Tiffany Pekoc - Spirit All Stars    Lisa Cedro - Spirit All Stars    Karen Novy - Spirit All Stars    Laura Love - CG Athletics FIERCE    Cindy Bradley - Cheer Destiny    Tanisha Gaines - Mystiq Jewels    Mary Smith - Titanium Force Cheerleading    Joel Ridah - Messy All Stars    Rhonda West - Fame    Kelly Jessue - Fame    Adrienne Londonl - Fame    Jenn Jazikoff - One Elite    Micah Huckaby - Terrehaut Cheer University    Katie Ridenour - Brandon    MacKenzie Heinzman - Brandon    Tonia Bodon - One Elite    Afroditi Rodriguez - One Elite    Rebeca Melgoza - Jam fest cheer super nationals    Sarah Anello - Fame    Becky Dieffenbach - Fame Midlothian    Brianna Waldorf - Iowa Elite    Joanne Mcnally - Pittsburgh pride    Shelby Adams - Ace    Kelly White - MWX    Cheryl Gladstone - MWX    Kiersten Davis - TCH    Katelin Davis - TCU    Michele Hughes - United all stars    Kalela Piper - Ellenwood    Shane Hughes - United All Stars    Alexis Salazar - Cheer Extreme    Tori Tenaglio - Cheer Extreme    Emma Salazar - Cheer Extreme    Julia Baxter - Cheer Extreme    Amanda Johnson - Wildcats Cheer Pride    Kristen Pica - Elite Cheer Michigan    Michelle Dawson - 5 Star    Amanda Gray - Fame Allstars    Amy Miles - 5 Star    Debbie Jones - iForce Cheer    Chloe Jenson - Top Gun Miami    Larry Pinnington - Gymtyme    Cara Pinnington - Gymtyme    Amanda Lipp - Brandon    Darlena Eskelsen - All Star Rebels    Abby Eskelsen - All Star Rebels    Jennifer Sheriley - All Star Rebels    Leah Shirley - All Star Rebels    Lilly Fey - 5 Star    Addison Fangman - 5 Star    Kaymyn Hagan - 5 Star    Logan Strong - 5 Star    Becca Sherron - Element Elite    Kenzie Chafer - Rockstar Evansville    Kate Bond - Rockstar Evansville    Ruthy Whitledge - Rockstar Evansville    Marissa Chafer - Rockstar Evansville    Monique Clairr - Pasiley Elite    Milena Fangman - 5 Star    Jacob Ripe - 5 Star    Ava Ashworth - Rockstar Evansville    Hadley Andry - Rockstar Evansville    Rylie Surber - 5 Star    Emma Wagner - 5 Star    Bella Hartz - World Elite    Emily Johnson - Midwest Cheer Elite    LaKeysha Miller - Fame Midlothian    Kellie Nierzwicki - Venom Athletics    Maddie Casey - Terre Haute Cheer University    Brianna Wagner - 5 Star    Connie Doering - Fame    Marissa Jennings - Fame Midlothian    Peyton Ramsey - Fame Midlothian    Ethan Post - Hit Force    Maddee Slatten - World Elite    Raquel Roland - Ellenwood    Deanna Labraney - Triple Crown Cheer    Debbie Blaylock - Pride of Illinois    Chandra Sheffield - Triple Crown Cheer Co    Cynthia Thomas - World Cup Ohio    Linda Scott - MKE Reign    Sarah Graves - Pride of Illinois    Meghan Hunt - Fusion Athletics    Jessica Havens - Woodlands Elite Oak Ridge    Renee St. John - 5 Star    Jackie Johnson - Cheerville    Susan Mersh - Cheerville    Michael Anthony - GTCO    Ratchet Kidd - Smelly and Dice    Anthony Plutt - Fire and Ice    Claudia Davenport - Fame finale    Karsen Ramsey - Tc3    John Labraney - Tc3    Holly Reed - 5 Star    Maysen Dahlenburg - Indiana Ultimate    Casey Hettinger - Spirit All Stars    John Ryan - Spirit All Stars    Rylee Stekli - Legacy    Carly McCall - Legacy Extreme    Bria Vivio - Fire and Ice Mars    Mikayla Porter - Top Gun Miami    Lindsay Portmess - Top Gun Miami    Adrianna Panky - Cheer Extreme Chicago    Jasmine Reynolds - Fire and Ice    Marci Parker - Step One North    Jailyn Triplett - Step One North    Julia LaGrosse - Fire and Ice Pittsburgh    Drew Hettinger - Spirit All Stars    Tammy Williams - Gymtyme    Bridget Thompson - Fire and Ice Wheeling    Janay Hopson - Fame Midlothian    Stacey Bevil - Woodlands Elite    Todd Wagner - Shamrocks GU    Lauren Fey - 5 Star    Sadie Roush - 5 Star    Saber Grier - Cheerville    Stevie Munson - World Cup Ohio    Allena Moore - World Cup Ohio    Holly Johntson - Cheer Extreme Chicago    Cristina Kime - TSC ALL STARS    Peyton Loustaune - Cheer Extreme Ohio    Tennille Gordon - TSC All Stars    Jenny Ward - World Cup Ohio    Madison Holland - Team Illinois    Evan Holland - Team Illinois    Brock Harry - Legacy Xtreme    Amelia Sowyer - Step One    Andrew Osting - Triple Corwn    Ruby Farmer - Rockstar Evansville    Aileen Langley - Limelight Cheer All Stars    Nancy Boogaart - Limelight Cheer All Stars    Breanna Boogaart - Limelight Cheer All Stars    Grace Pirri - Limelight Cheer All Stars    Alessio Pirri - Limelight Cheer All Stars    Jason Langley - Limelight Cheer All Stars    Sarah Langley - Limelight Cheer All Stars    Kyla French - World Elite    Jennifer Nelson - Wildcats Cheer Pride    Michael Horne - Cheerville    Katie Horne - Cheerville    Steve East - Cheer Extreme Chicago    Nicole Devine - Cheer Extreme Chicago    Dale Brasher - Purple Flash Elite    Belle Farmer - Rockstars Evansville    Tiffany Polzin - Cole All Stars    Jayden Hillyard - Thrive All Stars    Theresa Robinette - Blue Storm    Mellissa Keim - Blue Storm    Haidyn Hardison - Westport Middle School    Parker Case - Westport Middle School    Melissa Deaugherty - Fusion Athletics    Becky Scaffidi - World Cup Ohio    Heahter Joiner - Bluegrass Cheercats    Morgan Frick - Step One    Debbie Bird - Blue Storm Athletics    Staci Londy - Fame Midlothian    Nicole Londy - Fame Milothian    Kelly Johnson - Fame Milothian    Greg Herron - Cheerville    Renee Gaines - Triple Crown    Laureen Banville - Cheerville    Jocelyn Samson - Limelight Cheer All Stars    Beth Castilejo - Limelight Cheer    Angela Stepro - Rockstar Evansville    Kimberly Hunsicker - Platinum Athletics    Jessica Stinson - Platinum Athletics    Bailey Latham - Rockstar Evansville    Brian Penney - Titanium Force Cheer    Kelly Cosca - Perfection All Stars    Betty Anne Vito - TSC All Star    Aundrea Sponsel - Cheer Express    Tonja Martin - Crimson Heat    Kristy Jones - Lions Cheer Company    Lawrence Hurts - Platinum Athletics    Jennifer Whitlock - Interactive Academy    Brittany Cox - Woodlands Elite Humble    Brett Ellis - Titanium Force Cheer    Joan Ortiz - TSC All Stars    Tania Kahmer - TSC All Stars    Tisha Lawson - Ellenwood    Gloria Broderick - Platinum Athletics    Ashley Bradford - Platinum Athletics    Ann Lambert - Spirit All Stars    Zachary Stubblefield - Mystiq Jewel Alkstars    Kierra Merriweather - Rockstar Cheer-Greer    Nychola Fort - Mystiq Jewels    Briara Jackson - Mystiq Jewels    Tracy Diggs - Mystiq Jewels    Tom Anastopoulos - Limelight Cheer    Angie Athanasakos - Limelight Cheer    Georgina Cerisano - Limelight Cheer    Frank Cerisano - Limelight Cheer    Matthew Manno - Limelight Cheer    Jenny Manno - Limelight Cheer    Joanne Floropoulos - Limelight Cheer    Frank Manno - Limelight Cheer    Jenn MacMillan - Spirit All Stars    Jamie Stone - Rockstar Greenville    Terry Stone - Rockstar Greenville    Amy Hiles - Studio All Stars    Tracy Maxwell - TSC All Stars    Jen Poncio - Woodlands Elite Katy    Stacey Hayes - Fusion Athletics    Gloria Le - Woodlands Elite Katy    Ashley Hardin - TC3    Michelle Fields - Triple Crown    Amanda Postma - icon    Sam Rogers - Brandon    Susan Scolds - Brandon    Shanaye Taylor - Crimson Heat    Misha Taylor - Crimson Heat    Lakisha Johnson - Mystiq Jewels    Tina Adams - Ace    Nicole Tumbrink - Platinum Athletics    Cari Haines - Wildcats    Gina Damato - Spirit All Stars    Susanna Field - Gymtyme Louisville    Michelle Downs - Cheer Extreme Maryland    Donna Lanno - Fame Midlothian    Lyric Ridgeway - Team Illinois    Nick Ridgeway - Team Illinois    Erin Carter - GTCO All Stars    Jennifer Mostowski - Cheer Extreme Chicago    Amy Norton - Gymtyme    Genevieve Mulkins - Crosby Middle School, Kentucky    Andrea Brandon - Fame    Latasha Downs - Powercore    Sheena Stanley - Powercore    Jeff Shaffer - Rockstar    Ashley Haynes - Fame Midlothian    Kevin Nelke - Platinum Athletics    Lara Fousek - Spirit All Stars    Anida Christie - World Cup Ohio    Jayden Ashby - Top gun    Lilo Todmen - Cheer Extreme Maryland    Ashley Rhyw - Cheer zone    Karrie Tubbs - Twisters Elite    Alex Kalous - Twisters Elite    Maribel Reitz - Twisters Elite    Amanda Gronda - Cheerville    Nick Divizio - Team Illinois    Olivia Bonomolo - Top Gun Ohio    Irma Haraldson - Cheer Alliance    Angie Ppool - Triple Crown Cheer    Andrew Corbin - Spirit Athletics    Julie Peterson - ESA    Shannon Murray - NJ Spirit Expolosion    Kayla Davis - Heart of Edge    Kim Lee - Hit Force Cheer    Lashunda Glover - TSA All Stars    Kelly Fry - Team Illinois    Tracy Bucci - NJ Spirit Explosion    Kristi Hawkins - Pride of Illinois    Amanda Ramsy - Pride of Illinois    Rachel Heminger - Pride of Illinois    Stacey Langevin - NJ Spirit Explosion    Wilhemina Goodlow - Fire And Ice    Sebastian Calloway - Woodlands Elite Oak Ridge    Heather Bernard - Limelight Cheer    Diana Bernard - Limelight Cheer    Antonio Hernandez - Rockstar Athletics    Kirstin VanSickle - Rockstar Evansville    Lisa Weekes - Limelight Cheer    Sandra Weekes - Limelight Cheer    Lisa Herszkowicz - Limelight Cheer    Raena Mayfield - Fame Midlothian    Emily Hamm - Ace    Willona Walker - Fame Virginia Beach    Sherl White - CEA    Rob Yusko - Top Gun All Stars    Tiff Jazikoff - One Elite    Nikky Bodon - One Elite    John Hertz - Diamond All Stars    Michelle Roman - Cheer Extreme Chicago    Chasidy Barber - Fame Midlothian    Zoe Ronquillo - Fame Midlothian    Alexia Santos - Fame Midlothian    Ronald Smith - Cheer Dynasty    Yolanda Pressley - Flip Zone    Dyinesti Warden - Venom Zone    Jarod Wirfel - Extreme Cheer All Stars    Ty Watkins - Ford Cheer Company    Lacey Voils - Ford Cheer Company    Tosha Breitbart - GTCO    Nubia Rodriguez - Spirit Cheer    Fernanda Barrajas - Spirit Cheer    Chloe Campbell - TCU    Karma Ramsey - Tc3    Adie Paulus - TCU    Cyndi Ruddock - Element Elite    Tina Hazlett - iForce Cheer    Peyton Hopson - Fame Midlothian    Rosana Briner - Top Gun Miami    Ryley Cope - Pride of Illinois    Rosemarie Babboni - Elite Cheer    Matt Gordon - Titanium Force    Shawn Couch - iForce Cheer    Stephanie Knight - Tumble Express    Morgan Clark - Tumble Express    Brooklyn Kolbe - KC Cheer    Danielle Walters - Tumble Express    Whitney Camarino - Tumble Express    Amanda Bracey - Fame Midlothian    Darin Crask - Ice Auora    Stephanie Brown - Fame Midlothian    Stephanie Williams - Ice Auora    Jovanti Nelson Grey - Fame Midlothian    Douglas Bracey - Fame Midlothian    Stephanie Warren - Triple Crown    Debbie Westbrook - Fire and Ice Pittsburgh    Cassie Uhles - Cheerville    Tiffany Jordan - Woodlands Elite Oak Ridge    Megan Raymer - Cheer Extreme Chicago    Corey Zadlo - Cheer Extreme Chicago    Candace Gales - CA    Amanda Wilson - CA    Ellen Schellhase - Ice Indianapolis    Greg Schellhase - Ice Indianapolis    Norbely Gonzelez - Cheer Extreme Chicago    Stephanie Nites - Tumble Express    Steve Willoughby - Triple Crown    Kim Willoughby - Triple Crown    Chanine Phillips - Legends Cheer Academy    Juan Hernedez - Fame Valley    Brandi Pulley - Fame Valley    Amanda Grider - Diamond All Stars    Julanna Whitis - Diamond All Stars    Heather Winn - Cheerville    Amanda Hite - Cheerville    Denise Riggins - Cheerville    Tami Strong - Cheerville    Amy Baker - Cheerville    Stephanie Griffiths - Cheerville    Michael Griffiths - Cheerville    Timothy Walsh - PowerCore Athletics    Brandy McWilliams - Cheerville    Joseph LaGross - Fire and Ice Pittsburgh    Crystal Wells - Woodlands Elite Oak Ridge    Lisa Sims - Crimson Heat    Jennifer Kahalekomo - Cole All Stars    Mary Ramsey - Cheerville    Lita gearheart - Fire and ice    Logan Gillespie - Phoenix Flames    Jodie Stipetich - Perfection    Michael Lunz - Gymtyme Louisville    Chris Stevens - GTCO    Dawn Saylor - Spirit Athletics    Mandy Ellis - Titanium Force    Sheri Lombardi - NEO All Stars    Sarah Miller - Spirit Athletics    Marie Burton - Woodlands Elite Oak Ridge    Jolene Artman - NEO All Stars    Tiffany Johnson - Platinum Athletics    Alaina Lambert - Spirit All Stars    Michelle Kissel - Cole Academy    Nikki Whitomb - Heart of Edge    Danielle Brown - Gymtyme Louisville    Amy Tenney - NEO All Stars    Christal Carter - Gymtyme    Salinea Washington - Woodlands Elite Oak Ridge    Kim Adkins - NEO All Stars    Susan Valdes - Cheer Express    Nicole Rizzo - Cheer Express    Mike Vucci - NJ Spirit Expolsion    Tamara Boad - Power Core    Chandrae Miller - Power Core    Ashley Martin - NJ Spirit Explosion    Christy Eden - Power Core    Heidi Dennison - NEO All Stars    Becky Wright - NEO All Stars    Tammie Borden - Cheer Express    Howard Feld - Cheer Express    Andrea Miller - Triple Crown    Ashley Distler - Power Core Athletics    Michelle White - World Cup Ohio    Becca Higgins - Fire and Ice Wheeling    Ciara Ackley - Iowa Elite    Kristin Nash - TSC All Stars    Jeremy Watson - Rockstar Greenville    Ashley Barry - Flip Zone Venom    Annmarie Carr - Premier Cheer Athletics    Julia McIntyre - Air Force Mavericks    Tiffani McLeod - Louisiana Rebel Allstar    Kristen Donnellan - Premier Cheer Athletics    Debbie Kelley - Shore Pride All-Stars    Theresa Carrico - Premier Athletics Gallatin    Rachael Ball - Louisiana Rebels    Katie McDonald - New York Icons Buffalo    Debbie McDuffie - Interactive academy    Jill Kolb - Champion Cheer Allstars    Niki Azinas - Air Force Mavericks    Chastity Lyle - Full Out Tumble & Cheer    Mindy Butler - Cheer Energy    Tricia Watts - Cheer Energy Intensity    Teri Hall - Cheer Energy    JennIe Miley - Cheer Energy    Tocoma Jackson - Louisiana Rebels    Jennifer Harris - Cheer Energy    Bridget Lockridge - Monstars    Patricia Riley - Shore Pride All Stars    Marcus Bridges - Cheer Energy    Tara Bowen - Louisiana Rebels    Julie Hicks - Storm Cheer    Stefanie Roth - Storm Cheer    Emily Stefan - Storm Cheer    Marichu McGaffin - Storm Cheer    Kami Dodd - Storm - Reign    Maellody Bilton - Academy of Cheer    Tracy Robar - Alberta Cheer Empire    Halie Bush - Legendary Athletics    Alison Bond - Academy of cheer excellence    Theresa Forden - Academy of Cheer Excellence    Allison Howlett - Extreme Cheer Sensation    Michelle Smith - Academy of cheer excellence    Dani Knight - Academy of cheer    Leeanne Conrad - Extreme cheer sensation (sensation strong)    Jody Workman - Extreme Cheer Sensation    Pam Paulson - Okanagan Firestorm Cheer    Anne Mitchell - Spirit of Texas    Ashley Mcquade - Accademy    Tassa Fletcher-Nix - Spirit of Texas    Sharon Hebert - Alberta Cheer Empire    Ashley Erwin - Idaho cheer    Chvonne Taylor - Spirit of Texas    Dana Pierson - Spirit of Texas    Teresa MacCumber - Academy Of Cheer Excellence    Kelley Baker - Spirit of Texas    Brandi Jenkins - Idaho Cheer    Karen Moore - Spirit of Texas    Ashlee Sharpe - Extreme Cheer Sensation    Tami Workman - Extreme Cheer Sensation    Jennifer Vandenbrink - Alberta Cheer Empire    Isabelle Compton - Spirit of Texas    Tiffany Vanderzyde - Alberta cheer empire    Donna Kane - Academy of Cheer Excellence    Kyla Toher - Extreme CHEER sensation    Michelle McCulloch - Alberta Cheer Empire    Debbie Reed - Fusion Athletics    Victoria Webb - Extreme cheer sensation    Vicki Mikulecky - Fusion Athletics    Katherine Neufeld - Alberta Cheer Empire    Amy Clare - Powersports Cheer    Leslie Mathison - Spirit of Texas    Miranda Dawson - Spirit of Texas    Kimberley Edmonds - Extreme Cheer Sensation    Sandra Lacusta - Alberta Cheer Empire Synergy    Tracy Goffney - Spirit of Texas    Shannon Trafton - Academy of Cheer Excellence    Stacie Oneal - Spirit of Texas    Brandi Satterthwaite - Perfect Storm Athletics Lethbridge    Julie Brassard - Fusion Athletics- Infinity    Shauna Grant - Extreme Cheer Sensation    Natalia West - Academy of Cheer Excellence    Jaimee Greene - Academy of Cheer Excellence    Kara Comte - Powersports    Sabrina Blok - Academy of Cheer Excellence    Shanna Van Nen - Academy of Cheer Excellence    Tasha Buckman - Acadmey of Cheer mission bc    Robyn Bentick - Academy of Cheer Excellence    Carrie Gordon - Cheer Strike Allstars    Miranda Estevis - cheer strike    Sharmon Mackenzie - Academy of cheer mission    Daniela Cantu - cheerstrike all stars    Terry Villagomez - Cheer Strike Gym    Kayla Stehr - Flipside allstars    Ricardo Amora - World Class Athletics    Kristin Sanders - National Stars    Tami Kelly - Academy of Cheer Excellence    MIrna MOlina - Academy Cheer Excellents    Katherine Wickes - Powersports    Delaina Henry - Academy of Cheer Excellence    Ryan Campbell - Academy of Cheer Excellence    Pam Knowled - Idaho cheer    Sacha Wood - Alberta Cheer Empire    Jamie Badry - Alberta Cheer Empire    Nichole Lindh - Academy of Cheer    Tracy Starnes - Spirit of Texas    Paula Clark - Academy of Cheer Excellence    Hannah Cronin - Alberta Cheer Empire    Marina Silva - Legacy United Cheer    Natalie Gutierrez - CHEERSTRIKE    Harmony Swaney - Rock n rolls    Randilynn Thompson - Step One Allstars Fierce Fury    Julie Harrington-Mulford - Step 1 Allstars    Rebecca Burke - Step 1 North    Paula Galis - Spirit of Texas    Amanda Bishop - Cheer Strike    Tiare Lewis - Florida Triple Threat Allstars    Melissa Brown - Florida Triple Threat    Penny Petrone - Florida Triple Threat    Monica Funk - Florida Triple Threat    Jeff Webb - VarsityTV Sucks    Amanda Hall - Five star    Kyla Librandi - Rush Allstars    Deanna McGill - Sikeston Starz    Kim Devine - Victory Viper Allstars    Stephanie Jo Diaz - Sideline Sports Cheerleading    Brandi Schaefer - Core Athletix    Samantha Russell - Five Star    KATHY BIRKOFER - FIVE STAR    Amanda Landrum - Fivestar    Jeanne Russell - Five Star    Jen Thomas - Five Star    Randa Brown - Five Star All Star Cheer    Gail Langendorf - 5 Star    Allison Hatton - Five Star Cheer    Brandi Newton - Five Star    Wendy Smith - Premier Athletics Nashville    DORENE MATTHEWS - PREMIERE ATHLETICS NASHVILLE    Stacy Carson - Premier Athletics Nashville    Ashli Smith - Premier Athletics Nashville - Royal-T    Joel Garrett - Five Star Gymnastics and All-Star Cheerleading    Tina Laube - All 4 Cheer    Courtney Grace - All 4 cheer    Jasmin McCoy - All 4 Cheer    Crystal Sensenbrenner - All 4 Cheer - Hot Shots    Amanda Vigil - All4cheer    Amanda Roy - All 4 cheer    Ann Martgan - NCA    Allison Reed - Five Star    Christy Sykes - Premier    Heather Klette - Five Star    AIMEE ELLER - All 4 Cheer    Becky Ratliff - Five Star    Ashley Rabe - Five Star    Jason Crow - All 4 Cheer    Amy Smith - Premier Athletics Franklin    Kelly Kinley - Five Star -Shooting Stars, Erlanger KY    Tonya Gentry - Premier Athletics Royal-T    Shannan Osullivan - All4 Cheer    Kathy Riep - 5 star cheer    Christi Cagney - All4Cheer    Heather Skaar - Premier Athletics - Nashville    Holly Riddle - Premier Athletics Nashville -Empire    Christopher jones - Famous Superstars    Jacob Rothenberg - All4Cheer Embers    Tiffany D'Alessandro - All 4 Frisco    Kate Markham - Premier Athletics    Grammiekay Frazier - Five Star    Louise Lesniewski - All 4 Frisco "Embers"    Jessica Darwish - Cheer Extreme Chicago    Kristen McDonald - All 4 Cheer    Margaret Commodore - Five star    Marilu Dejesus - All4Cheer    Allan Dejesus - All4Cheer    Vanessa DeJesus - All 4 Cheer    Heather Zumberge - Queen City Storm    Dawn Green - Queen City Storm    Abne Delany - Queen City storm    Kelly Thompson - Queen City Storm - Blizzard    Tiffany Harris - Queen City storm    Christy Stabler - Queen City Storm    Diana Speranza - All4Cheer    Tonya Schack - Queen City Storm    Charity Payne - Queen City Storm    Jennifer Haines - Queen City Storm    Kelly Fried - Queen City Storm    Richard Ladrick - Queen City Storm    Joyce Mueller - Queen City Storm    Raenee Douglas - Cheer Omega AllStars    Kellie Olsen - Cheer omega    Christina Tavener - Cheer Omega    Catherine Tran - Cheer Omega    Kellea Sims - Cheer Omega    Melissa Danowski - Queen City Storm    Marnie Castleberry - Queen City Storm    Ginger Kubala - Storm Cheerleaders Cincinnati Ohio Team MICRO    Rowena Schimmel - Premier Athletics Nashville - Empire    Chris Riddle - Premier Nashville    Laura Shaw - Premier Athletics Nashville    Madison Riddle - Premier Athletics Nashville    Carol Harris - Queen City Storm Blizzards    Lisa Collins - Qween City Storm Supercell    Amanda Patrick - Cheer Omega    Gracyn Boswell - Ace Cheer of Dothan    debbie Hockenbery - Queen City Storm Blizzards    Michelle Shaw - Queen City Storm    Stacey Breese - Queen City Storm Blizzards    Maryann McKenzie - Queen City Storm Blizzard    Carol Harris - Queen City Storm Blizzard    Janis Chiarenzelli - Queen City Storm Blizzards    Cory Danner - Queen City Storm Blizzards    Rachel Castle - Queen City Storm Blizzards    Karissa Schmidt - QCS Storm    Tara Koch - Queen City Storm    Anne Temple - Midwest Cheer Elite Toledo    Kinley Johnson - Ace Cheer Dothan    Sarah Gschwind - Midwest Cheer Elite    Sydney Allender - Five Star    Cheryl Marshall - Step 1 Allstars    Amy Gootee - Total Cheer    Molly Lloyd - Fire and Ice Heemitage    Elena Wellmann - Five Star    Melissa Lewis - Midwest cheer elite    Kiley Garland - Queen City Storm    Loreley Smith - World Elite    Julie Barbara - Cheer Trixx    Suzi Evans - Queen City Storm    Valerie Davis - Queen City Storm    Amy Finch - Cheer Extreme All-Starz    Kelli Wemzel - AllStar One    Brooklyn Reed - 5STAR    Andrea Ingoglia - Five star    Chris Ingoglia - Five Star    Ashleigh Reed - Five Star    Kaitlin Bingle - Five Star    Cristina Sink - five star    Paige Tomlin - Queen City Storm    Dakota Barlion - queen city storm    Chad Kaylor - Queen City storm    Ruby Kolik - Queen City Storm    Claire Mitchell - Queen City Storm    Audrey Campbell - Queen City Storm    Jessie Stofko - Queen City Storm    Kylie Delany - Queen City Storm    Lucile Clerc - Queen City Storm    Jordan Kolpek - Queen City storm    Olivia Stivers - Queen City storm    Lee Wagner - midwest national championship    Audrey Mcdonald - Legacy    Madison Kopfler - Queen City Storm    Marlis Wettschreck - Ace Cheer of Dothan    Lindsay Slabaugh - NEO Allstars    Courtney Kline - Legacy Allstars    Corri Hammontree - Legacy Allstars    Heather Seidenstricker - Step 1 Allstars    Grace Gabbart - Diamonds Infinity Athletics    Amber Carter - Diamonds Infinity Cheer    Amy Hammond - Diamonds Infinity Athletics    Heather Taaka - Diamonds Infinity Athletics    Amy Faulkner - Midwest Cheer Elite, Columbus    Jodi Collins - Midwest cheer elite columbus    Brandi Burke - Midwest Cheer Elite    Megan Truax - MidWest Cheer Elite Columbus    Jennifer Kmitta - Midwest Cheer Elite - Columbus    Heather Gavlak - Midwest Cheer Elite Columbus    Colleen Stumph - Midwest Cheer Elite- Columbus    Gayla Woodcock - Diamonds Infinity Athletics    Michelle Kellogg - Midwest Cheer Elite Columbus    Cortnee Caldwell - Legacy AllStar Cheer    Tammy Tyler - Diamond Infinity Athletics    Chundria George-Evans - All-Star Performance Institute    Jennifer Gibson - Midwest Cheer Elite Columbus    Ashley Smith - MCC ALLSTARS    Towanda Bridgeman - MARLBORO COMPETITIVE CHEER ALLSTARS    Renee Kennedy - MCC Allstars    Jeanine Cannon - MCC Allstars    Briana Bedward - Marlboro Competitive cheer    Monica Foxworth - Marlboro Competitive Cheer All Stars    Lynette Womack - MCC    Vita Brown - Marlboro Competive Cheer Allstar    Jennifer Cross - Mcc    Jacqueline Wilkinson - Marlbroro Competitive Cheer    Jenelle Simpson - Maryland Competitive Competition    Niambi Stewart - MCC ALLSTARS    Kimberly Jackson - Marlboro Competitive Cheer    Kendra Gray - MCC All Stars    Tiffany Dorsey - MCC Allstars    Tiffany Gray - MCC All Stars    Kevin Stewart - MCC    Jacqueline Holland - MCC Sparks    Keami Estep - MCC Allstars    Shanelle Holland - MCC ALLSTARS SPARKS    Tiara Griffin - Marlboro Competitive Cheer    Misty Black - Legacy Allstars    Evetta Harrington - MCC Allstar    Angela Fisher - MCC Allstars    Christina Eason - MCC ALL STARS    LaToya Thornton - Marlboro Competitive Cheer    Roxanne Reynolds - Mcc all stars    Toisha Faraji - Marlboro Competitive Cheer    Monique Lilly - Marlboro competitive cheer    Cheryl Lee - MCC Allstars    Rose Lloyd - Empower- LIVE!    Carla Brengarth - All star Performance Instutute    Sharanah Fickas - Diamonds Infinity    Teidra Tillman - MCC Allstars    Tonya Malloy - Marlboro Competitive Cheer    Cherika Lucas - Marlboro Competitive Cheer Team Eclipse    ROSE Jones - MCC ALL STARS    Nika White - MCC- ECLIPSE    Kesha Townsend Newell - MCC Allstars    Heather Fesing - WIDC    Toshia Berry - Marlboro Competitive Cheer    Jessica Stace - Titanium Force    Vicky Garey - Titanium Force Cheer    Tracy Whiting - River Valley All-Stars    Katie Pierce - RVAS    Jessica Olson - River valley allstars    La Shawn Robinson - MCC ALL STARS    Traci Rietschel - River Valley All Stars    Abby Erickson - Dakota Spirit    Kimbra Baker - Titanium Force Glitter Stars    Justin Ross - GQRTC    Colleen Ross - GQRTC    Tom Fabian - GQRTC    Lashon Bass - MCC Cheer    Michaela Davies - Midwest Cheer Elite Xenia    Melissa Minutes - World Cup    Camber Castellano - World Cup - Scranton    Kim Laboranti - World Cup All Stars    Carla Rogers - World Cup All Stars    Alyssa Hillard - World cup    Betsy Cusumano - CNY storm    Gracie Erdman - Oshkosh Jets    Katrina Liu - Fame Allstars    Kristie Dion - PA Elite    Donna Weaver - Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading    Sara Hack - Pennsylvaina Elite    Danielle Miller - Pennsylvania Elite    Tina Hollister - Pennsylvania Elite    Tracy Nissley - Pennsylvania Elite    Veda Condo - Pennsylvania elite    Linda Phillips - Pennsylvania Elite    Pam Brown - Pennsylvania Elite    Lisa Miller - Pa elite cheerleader    Amber Jones - Pennsylvania Elite    Penny Stover - Pa Elite    Jill Parrish - Pennsylvania Elite    Ashley Rae - Pennsylvania Elite    Dennis Parrish - Pennsylvania Elite    Megan Mckinney - HotCheer Allstars    Debbie DeMarco - Dreamz Elite Allstars    Renee Fultz - PA Elite Avengers    Shaylyn Reyes - Pennsylvania Elite    Kambria Herb - Pennsylvania Elite    Julianne Watkins - World Cup Genesis    Jenna Powell - Pennsylvania Elite    Liz Shuck - PA Elite    Carmen Figueroa (Muniz) - World Cup Scranton    Sherisa Nastawa - World cup All Stars - Olyphant    Shannon Pyle - PA Elite    Chelsa Lanciano - Pennsylvania Elite    KayLyne Delsite - Pennsylvania Elite    Jenny Canfield - Pennsylvania elite    Mindi Hackenberg - Pennsylvania Elite    Jennifer Barnes - PA Elite    Donna Johnson - Fame Savage    Jaylyn Hartman - Jaylyn    Dena Stephenson - Fame All Stars    Jaclyn Marney - Pennsylvania Elite    Kayleigh Hoover - Pa Elite    Sydney McCormick - Pennsylvania Elite    Ashley McClusky - Pennsylvania Elite    Dawn Wilson - Fame Allstars    Willona Walker - Fame Allstars    Erin Shafranich - Pennsylvania Elite    Carolyn Lieberman - Pennsylvania Elite    Jenny Galligan - Fame Allstars VA Beach    Carriann Moore - FAME    Annette Wright - Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading    Tricia Furiosi - World Cup Scranton    Jennifer Westerman - Fame Allstars    Carrie Simpkins - PA Elite    Erica Sartwell - Fame    Lisa Przekurat - Rockstar Athletics    Tanya Callender - Fame Allstars    Jenny Fabian - GQRTC    Kerie White - World Cup    Melissa Solimini - World Cup    Keisha Shelton - Fame Midlothian    Antoinette Perry - MCC All Stars    Veronica Walker - FAME Cheer and Dance    Shelby Friend - Toxic twist crew "Grinding"    Eddie Gaitger - Toxic Twist    Lisa Cook - Titanium Force    Stephanie Lipe - Titanium Force Cheet    Jessica Huddleston - Titanium Force    Trish England - Titanium Force    Josh England - Titanium Force    Margie Rosenthal - Titanium Force Cheer    Cindy Crouch - Titanium Force    Kim Barker - Titanium Force    Dayna Crawmer - Next Level Studio    Jessica Ensey - Titanium Force Cheer    Kristen Phillips - Next Level Studio    Jeremy Schreck - Pennsylvania Elite    Kim Timerman - Titanium Force    Dave Barker - Titanium Force Cheer    Angela Schreck - Pennsylvania Elite    Anabella Mason - Toxic twist crew    Jasmine Williams - Cyclones    Debbie Vitale - Extreme Outlawz Cheer    Jamie Garrison - Titanium force    Jennifer Ruppel - Titanium Force Cheer    Jeff Ruppel - Titanium Force Cheer    Michelle Mazzoni - World Cup Scranton    Amy Heverly - Pennsylvania Elite    Candace Bryant - Elite Revolution Lady Liberty    Tara Ahearn - World Cup Scranton    Jenny Johnson - Titanium Force    Lindsay Sullivan - TITANIUM force cheer    Andrea Moore - MCC All Stars    Meghan Flohr - Fire & Ice Hermatig    Erica Crismond - Fame Valley    Barbra Skruggs - Maryland Twisters    Nancy Holly - Crimson Heat    Mary Marshall - Fire & Ice Hermatige    Sandy Maniscalco - Gravity    Yvette Mintz - FAME ALLSTARS    Owen Priimak - Fame All Stars    Adam Davis - Fame All Stars    Victor Stephenson - Fame All Stars    Anne Marie Rosato - CNY    Michelle Rice-Green - MCC AllStars    Ellen Berry - Fame    Melisa Smith - Cheer Extreme Kernersville    Raya Bibb - Cheer Extreme Richmond    Makayla Tuck - Cheer Extreme Richmond    Alicia Priimak - Fame Yorktown    Katy Rankin - Fire and ice Mars    Scott Kaplan - Pheonix Elite    Karli Tosterud - EOC Allstars    Christen McCoy - Pittsburgh Superstars    Vanessa Moore - Cheer Tyme    Robert Moore - Cheer Tyme    Thomas Graham - New York Icons    Craig Mandaglio - Central Jersey All Stars    Michelle Lopez - CJA    Michelle Lupton - CJA    Jennifer Pinto - World Cup    April King - World Cup    Kristy Latimer - World Cup    Carol Cousins - World Cup    Jill Granville - Fame Midlothian    Christina Mickens - Crimson Heat    Tiffany Virginia - Crimson Heat    Mary Ellen Condron - World Cup    Kelly McMahon - Jersey Pride    Michelle Bates - Jersey Pride    Kyle Persico - World Advance    Arin Homer - Pittsburgh Superstars    Gary Diutrich - Fame    Nancy Hanns - GLCC Showdown    Amy Elkin - Cheer Extreme Virginia    Yvonne Osiris - Fame    Rebecca Merri - Fame    Christine Pitman - Maryland Twisters    Craieg Mandaglieo - CJA    Tiffany Manley - MCC All-stars    Melissa Hillerd - World Cup    Eric Eigenbrodt - World Cup    Donna Ferko - World cup    Chaunelle Caver-Perkins - Gymtyme IL    Juanita Bonds - MCC    Ryan Kimp - Fame    Christina Elberry - Fame    Jackie Kirk - Fame    Kim Mellody - World Cup    Amy Utegg - World Cup    Antonie Phutt - Fire & Ice    Sara Lucas - Fire & Ice    Carol Vogel - Pittsburgh Superstars    Mani Denenverg - CJA    Kiera Qwynn - Maryland Twisters    Heather Tingler - Maryland Twisters    Lindsey Brusio - Maryland Twisters    Nick Valentine - Maryland Twisters    Nicole Valentine - Maryland Twisters    Eric Surber - 5 Star    Mark Surber - Five Star    Jamie Reyno - Premier Athletics    Crystal Townsend - Tumble World    Jaye Algeri - FTC    Jennifer Mabon - TumbleWorld    Jennifer Surber - 5 Star    Tiffany Gibson - Cheer Extreme Kernersville    Chris Bartlett - Cheer Extreme Kernersville    Edwin Fabre - CJA    Gia Fabre - CJA    LaDwan Wilson - CJA    Jill Oblink - CJA    Beth Warlick - Cheer Extreme Kernersville    Laila Abdel - CJA    Stephanie Gnolfo - Jersey All Stars    Theresa Schmidt - Jersey All Stars    Rita Jones - jersey all stars    Rick Mitchell - 5 Star    Tabitha Craig - Fame    Amanda Klep - California AllStars - Ontario    Andre Inverdal - Maryland Twisters    Cheyenne Robinson-Greer - The California All-stars    Emma Gnolfo - Jersey All Stars    Susan Rager - Fame    Jailen Williamson - Cheer Extreme Kernersville    Kamisha McCray - CJA    Jeannette Small - CJA    Gianna Lopez - CJA    Celeste Tomkins - World Cup    Stacey Hermanofski - World Cup    Joshua Griffin - MCC    Heather Harnish - Fame    Tina Sternberg - All Star Legacy    Jerry Green - All Star Legacy    Kiera Gowya - Maryland Twisters    Tiffany Brown - Maryland Twisters    Nicki Harvey - Fame    Michael Harvey - Fame    Jackson Wells - Fame    Kristin Wolski - Cheer & Dance Galaxy    Kellie Morgan - Marlboro Competitive Cheer    Corey Philson - Maryland Twisters    Sachele Edwards - Maryland Twisters    Chennal Powell - Maryland Twisters    Jackie Yancy - Maryland Twisters    David Rountree - Maryland Twisters    Cynthia Lewis - Maryland Twisters    Kelly Johnson - Maryland Twisters    Kia Henderson - MCC All Stars    Stephanie Discepolo - Maryland Twisters    Margret Scruggs - Maryland Twisters    Leanna Bassich - Bentworth Youth Pep Squad    Sara Sims - Cheer Factor    Francesca Gereci - Gravity Cheer    Tracy Rice - Pittsburgh Superstars    Phil Condron - World Cup    Amanda Picciafoco - Pittsburgh Superstars    Heather Bradley - World Cup    Muriel Wells - World Cup    Thomas Bradley - World Cup    Carolyn Fairfax - MCC All Stars    Jae Olmer - Fame    Amanda Coles - Universal Kentucky Cheer    Channing Moulton - Fame Allstars    Carlos Vasquez - Fame Allstars    Leah Monks - Bullitt athletics Mischief    Kyleigh Jones - Bullitt athletics Mischief    Veronica Posada - Vogue Flames    Kimmy Posada - Vogue Flames    Haley Stier - Vogue Flames    Buddy Posada - Vogue Flames    Desiree Snyder - Vogue Devils    Sara Jane - Varsity    Jackie Kaminski - Vogue Flames    Khloe Jones - Elevation Cheer Company    Nancy Duncan - Virginia Wild    Amy Borden - Virginia Wild    Chloe Barringer - Elevation - Mini XL    MacKenzie Barringer - Elevation - Mini XL    Mike Condo - Ohiyo Chocolate    Kelsey Duckworth - Hanover Elite Cheer    Jess Rebert - Hanover Elite Cheer    Beth Smith - Hanover Elite Cheer    Kirsten Orner - Hanover Elite Cheer    Connor Orner - Hanover Elite Cheer    Brynn Schuckman - Hanover Elite Cheer    Diane Topper - Hanover Elite Cheer    Nancy Schroeder - Hanover Elite Cheer    Lisa Dover - Hanover Elite Cheer    Tim Orner - Hanover Elite Cheer    Heidi Orner - Hanover Elite Cheer    Alaina Rebert - Hanover Elite Cheer    Katie Kilgore - Hanover Elite Cheer    Julia Seys - Virginia Wild    Steph Keech - Hanover Elite Cheer    Tehya Harris - Hanover Elite Cheer    Elizabeth Dye - Virginia Wild    Laura Reich - Virginia Wild    Ty Harris - Hanovery Elite Cheer    Brent Keech - Hanovery Elite Cheer    Lindsey Baker - Virginia Wild    Kelly Thompson - Virginia Wild    Callan Barboza - Virginia Wild    Katie Farmer - Virginia Wild    Stacey Beatty - Hanover Elite Cheer    Chad Eckert - Hanover Elite Cheer    Samantha Loy - Hanover Elite Cheer    John Damon - Cougars Elite Cheerleading    Barb Orofino - East Coast Premier    Marie Lippert - East Coast Premier    Leo Weissfeld - East Coast Premier    Brianna Miqueli - East Coast Premier    Norah Cerma - East Coast Premier    Leah Drugach - East Coast Premier    Laurie Scarvhaglione - 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NorEaster Storm    Christina Harrington - Spirit Factory    Jill Burton - NorEastern Storm    Kailey Hager - NorEastern Storm    Lisa Aydelotte - NorEastern Storm    Kery Mitchell - NorEastern Storm    Austin Demamen - Spirit Factory    Jennie Denamen - Spirit Factory    Christin Cordaso - Spirit Factory    David Mitchell - Nor'Eastern Storm    Angela Chaney-Webb - Nor'Eastern Storm    Todd Jolly - Upstate Spirit Stars    Jennifer Hall - Nor'Eastern Storm    Trina Womck - Virginia Extreme Force    Kris Galasso - PHEC    Cindy Lichtenstein - Swift Creek Cougars    Julie Ganovski - PHEC    Alvin Reynolds - Dynamic Competitive Cheer    JoAnne Reynolds - Dynamic Competitive Cheer    Amy Marlett - Carolina Cougars    Danielle Wilson - West Lake Bulldogs    Barbara Terzakos - Dynamic Competitive Cheer    Deyon Collins - Dynamic    Zoey Collins - Dynamic    Kiley McCray - Dynamic    Samantha Morrison - Trainer Magic Cheer    Lee Wonuot - Maiden Recreation    Shela Wount - Maiden Recreation    Antionette Collins - Dynamic    Lyndie Long - Hotcheer Wolf’s Inferno    Ywonna Turner - Overly Fullerton Recreation    Megan Jett - Ford Cheer Company    Blake Roberts - Ford Cheer Company    Mitchell Bentley - Allstars    Naika Blacknell - Dynamic Competitive Cheerleading    Carolyn Watson - Dynamic Competitive Cheerleading    Janna Burkett - HotCheer Wolfs Inferno    Christina Schilling - Hot Cheer Wolf’s    Kristen Roensch - Dream Athletics    Stacye Watkins - Golden Elite Allstars    Jonathan Stone - Airborne Elite Athletics    Joel Kreider - Pennyslvania Allstars    Kathy Ordaz - San Diego Heat    Rachel Fleischman - Cheer    Anna Regan - FX Allstars    Sara Richards - West Shore Shock    Tiffany Price - Cool Image    Jewel Sanford - Cool Image Allstars    Chuck Sanford - Cool Image Allstars    Adrina Carrasco - Cool Image Allstars    Elisha Ellis - Cool Image Allstars    Gillian Baker - Cool Image Allstars    Kacy Vick - Cool Image Allstars    Dustin Marshall - Idaho Inferno Allstars    Pam Snell - Fusion Allstars    Mary McKinney - Cool Image Allstars    Eric Johnson - Idaho Inferno Allstars    Raenn Volk - Cool Image Allstars    Frank Remno - Limelight Allstars    MIchael Palou - Cobalt Allstars    Bobbie-Jo Brasfield - Rockstar Allstars    Laurie Castieloo - Real Grand Valley    Joe Gonzales - Venom Elite    Michelle Alvarez - Venom Elite    Barbara Morales - Venom Elite    Lauren Castaldo - East Jersey Elite    Unique Edwards - High Voltage Cheer    Monique Tyler - CEA    Michele Fryman - Step one mid-ohio    Aby Christopher - GymTyme    sophie downey - oblivion allstars evolution    amy mcintosg - asencion egeals    amma galea - asencion egeals    kristi grimsey - wolverines    Isla Markham-Lee - oblivion allstars evolution    Sophie Irving - Cheer Force Knights    Freya Bonner - Hawks Intensity Cheer and Dance    Alexandra Jones - Hawks Intensity Cheer and Dance    Alexandra Jones - Hawks Intensity Cheer and Dance    Alyssa Peet - Hawks Intensity Cheer and Dance    macy pearson - Hawks Intensity Cheer and Dance    Joanne Griffiths - Saints Elite    Helen Turner - Saints Elite    Phoebe Erans - Gymfinity    Imogen Daly - Rising Stars    Ruby Slow - Solid Rock    Lexi Knife - Venom    Summer Peskywirz - Venom    Scarlett Lambe - oblivion Allstars    Kelly Mackenzie - CCD    Isabel Anderson - Saints Elite    Louise MacDonald - Solid Rock    Sophie Graham - CCD    Hannah Riddoch - CCD    Emma Graham - CCD    Lottan Baxter - Gymfinity    Lucy Jones - Gymfinity    Lexie Webber - Gymfinity    Georgia Williams - Gymfinity    Tianna-May Nash - Gymfinity    Harlee Nash - Gymfinity    Kelsea Williams - Gymfinity    Neve Todd - Velocity    Elise Edwards - Gymfinity    Alex Thompson - Casablanca    Taliea Brown - AEC    Isabelle King - Pixies Cheer    Olivia Kearns - Twist and Hit    Sophie Ellis - Rising Stars    Belle Reid - Rising Stars    Hannah Courtney - Rising Stars    Rosie Martin - Gymfinity    Sasha Roy - Pixies Cheer    Ren Sillars - Twist and Hit    Lilou Buras - 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