FAN - (noun) a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing. Synonyms: Enthusiast, devotee, admirer, lover, supporter, follower

Inspire all spectators to show enthusiastic support of the performing athletes at competitions!

On behalf of the athletes who love the support that an encouraging crowd provides, it’s time to put down the cameras, tablets and phones and embrace the opportunity to wholeheartedly participate as a fan!

How to Be A FAN

Designate your paparazzi!
We know that no one wants to miss the chance to capture some memories of their favorite athletes. Plan ahead to designate one fan photographer per team so everyone else can watch live. Gym owners and program directors: you could also provide the opportunity for fans to capture their own personal memories prior to the event. Maybe, at their last practice before they leave for the competition, you could designate times and allow fans to come watch the routine in your facility. At the event, you can also plan to take advantage of banners and Step & Repeat backdrops to snap some shots before or after performances!

Take the Pledge!
Pledge to be enthusiastically devoted to your team during their performance! Clap your hands, stomp your feet, dance to the beat – let down your guard and have some fun! Athletes thrive on positive energy and spirit, and this is the time to create that for them! Be a good example of sportsmanship by encouraging other teams, too!

Make it Official!
Create and Print your Be A Fan certificate and post them where your athletes practice! Share your commitment to Be A Fan on social media using the hashtag #BeAFan so we can share in your excitement (and who knows - entire programs who pledge to Be A Fan might be surprised with some fan swag)! Be sure to take a photo/screen shot of your Be A Fan certificate on your phone and bring it with you to events!

Take the Pledge

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